“I’m sorry, did you say you want me to pee on you?”

I look at Shane incredulously. He nods enthusiastically, his eyes bright and eager. I always try to be a good sport about trying new things, but this one throws me. I say that I’ll think about it and get back to him.

Every time I shower for the next couple weeks I try to pee standing up. It’s not easy. As a girl it’s been so completely ingrained to sit that I can only force out a few pathetic drops. This isn’t going to satisfy anyone. The girls in the porn flicks seem to piss out gallons and I know that’s what Shane wants. I watch video after video of girls peeing on girls, girls peeing on guys and every other combination.

I keep trying. Shane asks me occasionally how it’s going. I notice the hope in his eyes when I have to pee right before sex, and the disappointment when I tell him I’m not ready yet.

One day, I drink two big glasses of water and hold it until I’m nearly ready to burst, then I get in the shower. I hold the shower head between my legs and close my eyes. As I relax, it pours out of me in a big warm stream.

I tell Shane I’m ready.

On the appointed night, I drink glass after glass of water, trying both to increase the volume and dilute the taste. I’m at the bursting point. Shane says he’ll be ready a moment, then sees me standing cross-legged and finally gets the idea. He turns the shower on and we both get in. My bladder aches, but suddenly I get shy.

Shane is on his knees in front of me, the water from the shower flows over my shoulders and drips down my naked body. I close my eyes and try to relax, but it’s harder than I thought it would be. I let out a dribble, then the stream stops. Shane places his hands on my thighs and gazes up at me. He’s so gorgeous, so hopeful. I close my eyes again and finally…the dam bursts and my pee arches from my body.

Shane positions his mouth under my stream. His cock stiffens instantly. He slowly strokes himself as my piss fills his mouth. He doesn’t swallow it, only letting it fill his mouth and running out the sides. He’s loving every second of it. I try to make it last as long as possible, but my bladder empties. Shane rocks back on his heels, letting the shower rinse him off. I turn around, placing my hands against the shower wall. Shane slides into me, pounding my cunt hard, all the while telling me what a dirty, dirty slut I am.

A few weeks later we’re at a kitchen store, I catch Shane looking at funnels. He’s feeling the edges of each of them. I suddenly realize what he’s up to.

“Is that an ass funnel you’re looking at?” I ask him in all seriousness. He nods. After our encounter in the shower, Shane confessed to me that what he really wanted was for me to pee in his ass.

“You filthy little ass whore,” I whisper to him.  We pick out a green silicone funnel, hoping that it will serve our dirty purpose. It’s hard to keep a straight face as the clerk rings us up and tells us she has a funnel just like that and how much she likes it.

So, how does one prepare to piss into someone’s asshole?

First we make a dry run. We get naked and combine ourselves into every conceivable position, checking angles and possibilities like crazed engineers. Shane is excited as hell. We decide the bed will work better than the small bathtub, both for comfort and maximum flexibility.

I spread several thick towels over the bed. Shane lays on his back and brings his knees to his chest. I lube his ass and insert the funnel.

“Ready?” I ask him.

“Uh huh,” he answers, peering up through his legs. His hand is already working his stiff cock.

I crouch over the funnel and let a stream of piss go. Just in time, I think to look down.

“Uh..” I say;

“What?” Shane says.

“Hey, you know what we forgot about?” I ask, “Air exchange. It’s just sitting there, it’s not going down.”

“Fuck,” Shane mutters.

I slowly pull out the funnel, hoping the pee will seep into Shane’s ass, but it doesn’t. Shane spreads his ass cheeks wide, and it helps a little, but doesn’t solve the problem.

Finally we decide to pack towels around Shane’s ass and to hope for the best while he makes a mad dash to the bathroom. I hear the shower running, and he returns a few minutes later, smiling.

“Even though that didn’t quite work, you tried, and you tried for me, and that was fucking hot as hell,” Shane says, giving me a deep kiss. His fingers wander, and he slides one deep inside me.

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