There are three of us crammed into Michael’s twin bed.

Anya is on my right. We are naked, holding each other. Michael pounds into her, hard. He looks deep into my eyes while he fucks her. Her tits are creamy pale, bigger and rounder than mine. As I feel them, I think “Tits! Holy shit!”  Working in health care, I see breasts every day, but that’s clinical and this certainly is not. She kisses me so softly it’s like being kissed by sweet air.

I want to go down on her, but Michael won’t let me. He wants to save something for next time. Michael spanks my pussy, I squirt so much I soak the bed through. He tells her to try it, but she’s afraid to hit me hard enough for it to work.

Gently, he scoops Anya into his arms, cradling her, works her fast and hard with his fingers. They’ve been friends and lovers for a long time. I’ve only known Michael a couple of months, Anya a couple hours.  I love the familiar way their bodies nestle together, everything fits so easily, like lovers in a painting.  I watch them fuck for a long time. They whisper things veiled in kisses to each other so that I cannot hear.

After Anya leaves, Michael ties me to the bed. He beats me black and blue then fucks me hard. We shower together then drive to the diner for pancakes. I drink tall glasses of cold orange juice because I am dizzy and dehydrated. I keep my sunglasses on and the bruises make me feel safe and beautiful.

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One thought on “There are three of us crammed into Michael’s twin bed.

  1. Just listened to the audio version of this story that you posted on your Tumblr. An excellent idea! I seldom have time to sit and read. (Multi-tasking is a necessary evil.) Usually, I put PDFs into a text-to-speech editor, export as a podcast, then listen to books while I drive/workout/whatever. Having an author do his/her own reading is SO much better!

    That’s a promising start you’ve got. Let me volunteer @ShonRichards, who experimented with audio last fall, and @Nobilis, who has been reading his own stuff for years now. Check with them for tips if you like.

    I hope you’ll do more. Hearing your voice with the stories adds a little something extra to the mystery of “Who is Daisy Danger?”

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