I tell Theo if he wants me to fuck his ass, he needs to suck my cock first.

He obediently crawls across the bed, looking at me like a tiger ready to pounce on fresh meat. I brush the mass of curls away from his eyes, pushing his head towards the big red dildo protruding from my pussy. Eagerly, he licks the tip, then takes the whole cock into his mouth. I gasp, I can feel the end inside me pushing against all the right places. I tell him he might suck dick better than I do. Theo laughs and says he’s had a lot of practice, which sends an electric surge straight to my pussy.

Idly, I watch him blow me for a while, then I ask if there’s any foreplay he wants. Theo tells me he would love it if I lick his ass. I’ve never done that before, it’s one of the rare things that I consider taboo. I hesitate, but his excitement overrides my apprehension. We showered together right before we came into the bedroom, so I know he’s clean. I tell him maybe, but  I want to scope it out a bit first. Theo gets on his knees, resting his head against a stack of pillows. I spread his ass cheeks and sniff, trying not to giggle. I kiss his balls, his buttocks, working into the idea. I moisten a finger tip and rub the pink creases surrounding his anus. Theo shudders with pleasure. I tentatively give his ass a flick with my tongue. So far, so good.

I give him a broader lick, as though his ass were a scoop of ice cream. He’s silent, he doesn’t want to jinx it, but he wiggles his ass slightly in approval. This time I lick slowly, feeling every tiny wrinkle and fold under my tongue. I inhale the woodsy scent of Theo’s soap, the slightly metallic taste of his ass. I shove my tongue in as far as it will go. It’s good and I start licking with enthusiasm. He’s not quiet anymore. Theo pushes his ass towards my tongue. I tug on his balls as he works his cock. I bury my face against his ass. Theo maneuvers around and takes my cock back into his mouth and we lick and suck on each other.

Moaning, he says I better fuck him now before he comes from this. The red silicone cock still juts out from between my legs. I stroke it with a handful of lube, the wipe the excess across his ass. I rub the tip over his anus. I ease it in a bit, then watch it disappear inside him. I start to pump slowly, letting Theo adjust. He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks and growls “Fuck me.” I slam my cock to the hilt and he says “That’s it.” I tell him he has a greedy little ass and he says he sure does.

I fuck him hard, until I am so wet that I can’t hold my end of the dido inside me. I feel butch and beautiful. In my mind, we’ve completely swapped gender. My legs start to shake uncontrollably, I’m not used to the continuous thrusting motion. I’m getting tired. Theo says he wants to ride me, so I flip onto my back and he sits squarely on my cock. Theo’s curls bounce with each movement and catch the sunlight. His eyes are shut and he’s lost in the moment. I pinch his nipples and he nods for me to pinch harder. He’s jerking himself off, something I always enjoy watching. His whole body tenses urgently,  he arches his back and pulls his dick faster and faster, then hot spurts of come spray across my stomach. I hold up a fingerful and he sucks my finger clean, still slowly riding my cock. Leaning down to kiss me, Theo tells me that I fuck him better than any boy he’s ever had.

Daisy’s note: This post was featured on Fleshbot.com!

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