“Haven’t you ever wanted to fuck two girls at once?” I ask Rick on the phone.

I cup my hand over the receiver as Amanda giggles behind me. “Yes,” his voice cracks.

“My house, midnight,” I say. As I hang up, Amanda and I burst out into nervous laughter. “Oh my God,” she squeals, “are we really gonna do this?” Rick has been jerking me around for years and I’m tired of it. We’ve never had sex with each other, he resents it every time he  hears about my escapades. I decide to teach him a lesson. Amanda barely knows him, but she’s game. We’ll work him into a frenzy, then we’ll ditch him, leaving him humiliated.

Amanda and I spend the afternoon discussing  the finer points of our threesome plan. “Like,” she asks, “If I’m licking his nuts, and you, like, suck his dick, and our tongues touch, does that mean we’re, like, lezzies?” At exactly midnight, the doorbell rings. I do a last minute check in the mirror. We’ve lit candles in the bedroom, and Amanda has decided to forgo wearing panties. We’re ready.

Amanda grabs him by the hand and pulls him into the bedroom. We’re all so nervous that none of us knows what to say.  All three of us sit on the bed, silent. A single ice cold trickle of sweat runs down my back. Rick keeps looking back and forth at us, like a lamb confronted by two wolves. Amanda makes the first move, she lights a cigarette and the flick of the lighter seems to echo for eternity. She exhales a long stream of smoke, passes me the cigarette, then straddles Rick and starts to kiss him. He’s so surprised that he doesn’t kiss her back, he just seems to shrink into the headboard.

“This is my game, dammit,” I think. I begin to pull his socks off.  Rick wraps his arms around Amanda and kisses her back. I tickle his foot and he jerks away. I crawl up the bed and bring my face close to theirs, but they don’t seem to notice. Amanda is still straddling him, but I have a clear shot at his zipper. I unzip his jeans, and his hard-on springs out like a perverted jack-in-the-box. I look at his dick and decide I haven’t been missing much. I clear my throat, then take his cock into my mouth, bobbing up and down in slow, wet lengths.

Amanda realizes what I’m doing and stops kissing him. She slithers down his chest, then meets me between his legs. “You were supposed to wait for me,” she hisses. She jerks his pants down farther, then takes off her shirt. She isn’t wearing a bra. “Cheater,” I think. Rick grabs Amanda’s boob and kneads it like a lump of dough. He doesn’t even seem to notice me, although my mouth is completely wrapped around his dick.

Amanda starts to gently bite around his thighs, then works her way up to his balls. Ricks hand rests lightly on her shoulder, he moans as she darts her tongue around. I deep throat him, he gasps and squeezes her shoulder too hard, she yelps. Amanda and I glare at each other from inches away, like dogs fighting over the same piece of meat.

Finally, Rick speaks. “Um…” he says quietly, then he coughs and finds his voice. “Daisy,” he looks at me. I peer up, his cock still buried in my mouth. “Why don’t you go downstairs? I think I’d like to…talk…to Amanda alone for awhile.” I sit up and give Amanda an evil look that means “Hey, this wasn’t the plan!” She smirks at me, then deliberately squats on his dick.

I can hear them fucking from downstairs, they’re so loud I’m surprised no one has called the cops. I sit on the couch and seethe until I fall asleep. The stairs creak, and I wake up to see Rick tiptoeing past me. “You do know she’s pregnant, right?” I say. He freezes, looks at me, then looks back towards the stairs. “Oh yeah,” I continue, “six weeks. No idea who the father is. Could be anyone.” Rick grabs his coat and dashes out the door, slamming it loudly behind him. Amanda comes downstairs wrapped in a bed sheet. “Where did he go?” she asks, sleepily. “I don’t know,” I say, “but he did tell me you were the worst fuck he’s ever had. He said don’t bother calling him.”

One thought on ““Haven’t you ever wanted to fuck two girls at once?” I ask Rick on the phone.

  1. I don’t know whether or not to consider the plan flawed from the start, or not. I’m just trying to imagine a scenario where I’ve had two girls giving me attention at the same time and I walk away frustrated. But then, a list of my exploits to date would be fairly pedestrian.

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