“Happy Birthday,” Theo wraps me in a hug.

“Do I get a spanking?” I tease, turning around to present my ass. “This will be better,” he promises, an evil twinkle in eyes.

We’ve had a bit of a lull in our sex life, the long winter and gray January days have dulled our senses. It’s hard to feel sexy under bulky layers of shirts and sweaters. I haven’t even shaved my legs in weeks, so whatever Theo has in store is a welcome change.

“Go clean up,” Theo instructs, “then it’ll be time for your present.” I indulge in a long hot shower, making sure to shave and pluck every stray hair. When I’m done, lavender scented steam rolls out of the bathroom. My hair hangs wet and loose, the way Theo likes it. I haven’t put on any deodorant, knowing that he likes to lick and bite under my arms. “You smell so good,” he says, parting my robe and resting his head against my damp belly. We nuzzle for a moment while he inhales my scent. Finally, he pulls away.

“Stand in the middle of the room,” he says. I reluctantly take off my robe and let it drop to the floor. The heat’s turned up, but I still shiver a bit.  “Now,” Theo says, circling me, “what should I do to you first?” 

Like a wicked surgeon getting ready for a procedure, he’s already laid out all the instruments and toys he’s picked out to use. “Hands behind your back and spread your legs wider,” he says, holding a pair of green clamps. Thrusting my chest forward, I expect Theo to attack my nipples first. Instead, he stands in front of me so I can watch. He takes several large rubber bands, and fastens them together to make a chain. He loops one end of the rubber band chain over the  handle of the clamp, then does the same with the other clamp, so there’s one on each end.

Theo rubs my pussy, then tugs at my labia and attaches one of the clamps. Walking behind me, he stretches the rubber band chain low around my backside, the attaches the second clamp to the other labia and lets go. The clamps pull my labia back like a little curtain, exposing my pussy. The grip is firm, it’s already making my pussy ache.

“Stand up straight,” he orders, catching me trying to wiggle around to lessen the strain. He grabs a handful of my hair, jerking my neck back. With his free hand, be begins to spank my pussy. “Count,” Theo commands. “One, two, three…” I gasp. Theo swats at my clit, deliberately hitting the clamps with each blow. “Six… oh God, I mean, seven,” I say, weakly. I make it to the count of ten before the urgency starts to peak, by twelve I’m squirting hard all over the floor. My knees try to buckle, but Theo is still holding my hair. He keeps spanking me, my wetness makes each blow sting that much harder. “And one to grow on,” he says sweetly, giving me a final solid whack.

Taking me by the hand, he leads me to the edge of the bed. I try to sit, but I can’t. The clamps and the rubber band won’t allow it. “I guess you’ll just have to keep standing,” he says. I already feel weak, we’re only getting warmed up.

“Hmmm, actually, I’ve got something better,” he says, mostly to himself.

Theo spins around the office chair, then unclamps my labia. I gasp from the sudden relief, then promptly sit down. “Open,” Theo says, filling my mouth with a rubber dildo.  Spreading my legs, he ties them to the armrests of the chair. This time, he takes the clamps and attaches one to each nipple, feeding the rubber band around through each respective armrest too. Theo grabs my hair and uses another rubberband to make a ponytail, which he  somehow ties to the back of the chair, forcing me to sit straight up. The clamps on my nipples strain hard against the tension of the bands. Using rope, Theo ties my arms to the chair, leaving me exposed totally and unable to move.

My teeth start to chatter against the dildo crammed in my mouth. I’m cold and excited. Ripples of pain shoot up my nipples. Theo kneels between my legs, I think he’s going to eat me out. Instead I feel a steady pulling sensation, like my clit is being sucked up through a straw, then the pressure releases. Theo then shows me a large syringe with the end cut off.  Theo goes back down,  pulls the plunger over my clit farther out this time. I hear the hum of a vibrator, then he presses it against the syringe.

It vibrates, but the sensation is elusive. It almost touches my clit, but not quite. I’m being denied any real pleasure. The almost-ness is maddening. Realizing the effect he’s having, Theo goes into mad scientist mode. He holds the vibrator in different positions against the syringe, everywhere except inside me or directly on my clit. When he flicks cruelly at the rubber bands that bind my nipples to the armrest, I see stars. Theo tugs again at my labia, lining each with cold metal clamps. I can’t come, I try to writhe, trying to get my clit to rub up against the inside of the syringe, anything. Every movement tugs at my nipples or my hair. I straddle the red razor edges of intense pain and the cool shelter of sub-space, but I can’t commit to either one.

The rubber dildo is gagging me, drool drips off my chin. Theo starts flicking hard at my outstretched tits with a little rubber whip. Finally, mercifully, I cross over into the dark, intoxicating comfort of sub-space. Theo sees me relax. In response he whips me harder then suddenly yanks the syringe from my clit.  It  feels enormous and extra sensitive from the prolonged suction, he presses the vibrator right against it.

I feel a hot wet release, then I squirt hard, warm liquid splatters against my thighs. Theo lubricates his hand with my wetness, and roughly starts working his fist into my cunt. The clips on my labia snap off one by one. I spit out the dildo and cry out as his fist enters me and pulls out, over and over. With his free hand, he gives a final hard yank on one of the rubber bands attached to my tit, and my whole body finally implodes in an orgasm.

“Happy Birthday, pretty girl,” Theo purrs.

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