Mister cracks open the door to see if I’m ready to leave yet.

“Are you ready… hey, what’s that?” he asks, catching a flash of white and pink. Quickly, I close my robe. “Nothing for you to see right now,” I tease, pushing the door shut. “Let me finish getting dressed, we’ll miss the movie.”

I catch him glancing at me throughout the day. His hand snakes down the back of my jeans as I lean over to take a closer look at something in a store. “Uh uh,” I stand up and bat his hand away, “Later.” At the movie, I cover my lap with my jacket and unzip my pants. I guide his hand down to my crotch. “Oooh…bald,” he whispers as he rubs my pussy, “very nice.” I gently pull his hand away before he can work his fingers into my pussy. “Save it for later,” I whisper back.

By the time we get back to my house, Mister is in a frenzy. I had to convince him at least twice to not pull the car over on the way home. “Wait in there,” I point at my bedroom. “Hey, who’s the Dom here?” he asks with a smile. “Just go,” I point again, “I’ll be there in a sec.” I dash into the bathroom and wash all my makeup off , then I work my hair into two perky ponytails. 

Mister is lying on the bed, flipping through a magazine when I return. He notices the ponytails and grins. “Well,” he says hoarsely, “What do we have here, little girl?” I lay next to him on the bed and let him finally unzip my jeans. “Oh!” he exclaims, looking up at me with surprise. Carefully, he peels my jeans off to reveal white and pink cotton panties adorned with Strawberry Shortcake. “Such a sweet little girl,” he murmurs, running his hands across my crotch.

“I need help with my shirt too,” I breathe in a tiny voice. Mister tugs on my shirt and lifts it over my head. My breasts spill over the edges of  a white cotton training bra, complete with a little pink rosebud in the center. Mister gasps. I watch his eyes flicker from one emotion to the next: disbelief, excitement of the forbidden, then finally, pleasure.

“Are you lost, little girl?” he coos. “Do you need help with something?” I nod, my ponytails bouncing in rhythm. In one swift motion, he flips me onto his lap and swats my ass. “I think you’ve been bad,” he strikes my ass again. Forcing my legs open, Mister starts to spank my pussy. I feel his hard cock achingly pressed against my stomach. I squirt almost immediately, soaking through the panties.

Mister rolls me over onto the bed and spanks my pussy again. Arching my back, I squirt so hard that I’m afraid that I’ve peed myself. Roughly, Mister pulls my panties off. “Open,” he says. I obey. He stuffs the soaked panties in my mouth. I taste my own warm salty fluid mixed with the scent of cotton, it’s intoxicating.

“Look,” he says, savagely tweaking my nipple. I wince.  “You’re getting to be a big girl now. Your little bra doesn’t even fit anymore.”  He unhooks the bra and my breasts spill free. Grabbing my wrists, he uses the bra to tie my hands together. I’m unbearably horny, I writhe towards his cock. “Oh my,” he says, “somebody’s got a hungry little pussy.”

“Knees,” Mister commands. I awkwardly flip over, my hands restrained. I spread my legs, he nudges them farther apart until I’m nearly off balance. I’m drooling through the panties still bunched up in my mouth, my saliva mixing with my pussy juice. He rubs his hard cock against my clit until I squirt again. The warmth trickles down my thighs.

Mister plunges his fingers in me, coating his hand in my wetness, then he rubs it all over my face. “Dirty girl,” he taunts. Taking the panties out of my mouth, he presents his hand. “Lick it clean,” he says. I suck his fingers greedily like little cocks. He wipes his hand  dry on the panties, then wads them back into my mouth. I gag a little. “No. Bad girl. You take it,”  he says,  punctuating each declaration with a slap.

Mister positions himself behind me again, grabbing a ponytail in each hand. Yanking hard, he fucks me hard from behind. My head is forced back sharply.  I moan as loud as I can through the panties to show him how much I like this. “I want to see your face,” he says, rolling me back over. I sling my legs over his shoulders, and he pounds my cunt. We’re both so excited that the climax comes too quickly. At the last moment, he pulls his cock out spurts cum all over the panties still balled up in my mouth.

“Such a bad, bad little slut,” he teases, kissing my forehead. “you kept this from me all day.”

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