I have a terrible secret.

I’m a sex blogger that hasn’t been getting laid.

It’s not that I don’t have a partner, we’re both busy and the last few months have been filled with deadlines, travel, nasty colds. A long cold winter has made us both moody and cranky. Nick will roll over, ask me if I feel like having sex. “Eh,”  I’ll say. I’m too tired or else I’m too wound up. I’ll bite the back of his neck while he’s typing away, he’ll shudder with pleasure, kiss me, then go back to his work. We’re both to blame. My senses have dulled and I’m afraid they won’t recover.

A writing opportunity arrives in my inbox. Generally, I’m against writing fiction, especially anything longer than a few paragraphs, but this project intrigues me. I’m ready for a challenge,  I decide to write down my deepest, darkest fantasy, so deep and dark that I’ve never even revealed it to Nick. I spent a day thinking about every facet of my fantasy, right down to the color of the floor. Then I commit it to words. For the next few days all I do is write, take a porn break, masturbate, then churn out another thousand words. My mind has become feverish, forcing all these characters to do exactly what I want them to do. I’m a Domme on paper, cruel and merciless. Masturbation is one thing, now I want a fucking, brutal and dirty.

“I thought maybe I’d put in a butt plug while we watch Buffy,” I coo to Nick after dinner.

“Oh. Shit. My shoulder’s killing me, and I’m just really tired,” he replies with an air of regret. I frown, but tell him I understand. Dammit, I really want an ass fucking. I sigh quietly, hoping I remembered to charge my vibrator.

Nick runs his thumb casually along the edge of my hand as we watch TV. I’m in flames, every little innocent gesture he makes is like splashing gasoline on an inferno. I sneak one hand down the front of my pants, I need some kind of relief. I catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I try to look at him innocently.

“Butt plug?” I ask hopefully.

“Ok, go get it,” says Nick, “Maybe I’ll feel more like it after Buffy.”

I scamper to the toy chest, choosing a small purple plug. It’s been awhile since I’ve had any ass play, better to start out slow. I return to the living room with the plug, lube and a towel to cover the sofa. Nick looks at me eagerly. I pull down my pants just enough to expose my bottom,  generously lube up my asshole, and start to work the plug in.

“Go ahead, turn the show back on,” I tell him, “this will take awhile.” Nick clicks a button on the remote, the DVD plays again.

I slowly pull the butt plug in and out, stretching my asshole open a bit further each time. I try to pay attention to the plot unfolding on the TV, but my cunt is already dripping wet.

“Is it all the way in yet?” Nick asks. I notice the sudden, enormous hard on poking through his now open fly.

“Not yet,” I moan, trying to work the plug in faster.

“Should I put mine in too?” he asks.

“Fuck yes,” I say.

Nick returns with his plug, twice as big as the one I’m trying to fit into my ass.  He stands with his back to me, so I can see him slide the plug up his ass with ease. Nick turns to me, his cock swollen,  grabs me by the hair, shoves his dick in my mouth. I fuck my ass with the plug as I take his cock all the way to my throat. I give a little shudder as my plug finally goes all the way in.

I suck his cock hungrily for a long time, deep throating as often as I can manage.  Damn,  it feels good to be this worked up again.

“I want to see if my plug will fit in you,” he growls. I pull my little purple plug out of my ass.  Nick slides his bigger plug into my asshole. “Oh my God!” I gasp. It’s huge and uncomfortable. Nick takes me from behind, jamming his cock into my pussy. The fullness of the plug and the girth of his cock stuff me completely.

“Are you ready?” he asks. I am.

Nick pulls the butt plug out of me and slides his rock hard cock into my ass. It stings deliciously. I want every thrust to be brutal and unforgiving. I want Nick to punish me for all these long months of neglect, and he does. I hang on to the arm of the couch for dear life as he rams my asshole over and over. It feels good to be brought back to life finally. I feel electric. Nick fucks me harder. I think I scream over and over, or maybe it’s just inside my head. He tells me how much I deserve this, that I’m his dirty whore. Slapping my ass, Nick sends me over the edge. I come with a full body shudder, then I collapse, legs shaking underneath me.

“Did you come?” I pant.

“No, not yet,” he replies.

“Go get my cock. Oh, and glass of water, please,” I smile.

I sit up on the couch and lube my pussy. Nick returns with my big red dildo. I slide one end inside me.  Nick lubes up the other end, then facing away from me, sits on my lap.  I thrust my hips up, he cries out. I reach around him and pinch one nipple, hard. With my other hand, I yank his hair until his neck strains back.

“Oh God, fuck me please,” he moans, over and over. I muster my remaining energy and fuck his ass as hard as he just fucked mine. Each time I think he’s at the edge, he retreats. This orgasm is going to be hard-won.  I bite him, scratch him, all the while jamming my cock in his greedy asshole.

“Come dammit,” I yell over and over, “Come!”

Finally, with a buck and shudder, Nick orgasms harder than I’ve ever seen him before.” We melt into a sweaty heap on the couch, every hole pulsing and well fucked.

“Jesus Christ,” Nick moans, still unable to move, “you should write like that more often.”

7 thoughts on “I have a terrible secret.

  1. Sigh… the sex acts themselves were different from our repertoire but the feeling is familiar. Add a couple of kids and a new dog and sex can quickly become either a constant battle or distant memory. You’ve nailed a piece of common humanity with this one. (No pun intended.)

  2. It’s amazing to me that you can visit some of the most chewed-over bones of our common experience and walk away with such prime cuts. You are a wordsmith, madam.

  3. This rings bellls with me as I too have a similar secret caused by the horror that is a long distance relationship, sometimes I feel like all I do is write about it, rather than do it. However, I am hopeful that the many months of waiting will soon be at an end.

    Great writitng by the way…… it’s amazing what writing can do for one’s sex drive


  4. Freaking awesome… thrilled for you, and the writing isn’t bad either. ;) There is nothing like release, after a period of downtime. Great piece.

  5. Wow, you’re a perfect lover. Not afraid to give what you take. To scoff at a taboo, and enjoy it for the pleasure you both receive. The whimsical quip at the end, in a nod to making the story up was perfect.

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