[Daisy’s note: Changing things up a bit with this post…It’s my first attempt at writing erotic fiction, it’s also much, much longer than my usual stories. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.]

You wouldn’t think it possible to fall in love with a freckle. But there it is, the tiniest of brown marks, an uncharted island on the map of her mouth. It’s nearly invisible, but not to one who’s spent months searching for it.

The arrangement is peculiar, even by my standards, but it affords me my lifestyle. I haven’t another care in the world besides what shoes I should purchase next. Only extremes will satisfy me anymore, and this arrangement takes care of that financially and sexually. I’ve moved beyond  the desire for a constant physical companion, this arrangement meets all those needs.

Four or five times a week, by a pre-agreed schedule, I arrive after dark. It’s a non-descript, gray building, identical to the others in the small industrial park. The name of the business is so generic, it’s nearly impossible to Google, other than to pull up a map. I simply call it The Company.  The casual person would have no cause to bother, however. In directories it’s listed as a supplier to other companies.

The few casual acquaintances I permit myself merely think I simply work third shift in some mundane job, that perhaps my money is the result of smart investments or an inheritance. I plant the seed, and let it grow in their imaginations. I don’t bother to correct them, I live in their assumptions. My world is relatively uncomplicated and I like it that way. Continue reading

“I’ll drive Katie home,” I say to Roy, plucking the keys from his hand.

Roy gives me his trademark crooked grin, then chugs the dregs from his bottle of beer. Roy and Katie are the envy of coupledom in our circle of friends. Roy is devastatingly cute, Katie is sweet and pretty, it’s obvious they’re passionately in love.

“I’ll be in the car,” Katie says, trying not to slur and wobble. I’ve been trying to make an effort to get to know Katie better, all the girls in our crowd, actually. I’ve spent too much time with the guys,  it’s starting to raise suspicions.

I push through the crowd to tell Manny that I’m taking off for a bit,  I’ll be back later. “Are you okay to drive?” Manny asks me. I lie and say I had a wine cooler a few hours ago. I’m only a bit buzzed, besides, it’s quiet back roads all the way to Katie’s house. I kiss Manny, then head out.

When I get to the car, I find Roy and Katie making out in the back seat. “I decided to come along for the ride,” he says. Katie snuggles in his arms and gives a satisfied smile. I drive too slowly, I shouldn’t have had that last wine cooler. There are no other cars on this long, empty dirt road, but I take my time anyway. Peeking in the rear view mirror, I see Roy running his fingers through Katie’s hair, murmuring softly to her, then I hear soft moans. I turn the radio up and try to focus on the road. Continue reading