“I’ll drive Katie home,” I say to Roy, plucking the keys from his hand.

Roy gives me his trademark crooked grin, then chugs the dregs from his bottle of beer. Roy and Katie are the envy of coupledom in our circle of friends. Roy is devastatingly cute, Katie is sweet and pretty, it’s obvious they’re passionately in love.

“I’ll be in the car,” Katie says, trying not to slur and wobble. I’ve been trying to make an effort to get to know Katie better, all the girls in our crowd, actually. I’ve spent too much time with the guys,  it’s starting to raise suspicions.

I push through the crowd to tell Manny that I’m taking off for a bit,  I’ll be back later. “Are you okay to drive?” Manny asks me. I lie and say I had a wine cooler a few hours ago. I’m only a bit buzzed, besides, it’s quiet back roads all the way to Katie’s house. I kiss Manny, then head out.

When I get to the car, I find Roy and Katie making out in the back seat. “I decided to come along for the ride,” he says. Katie snuggles in his arms and gives a satisfied smile. I drive too slowly, I shouldn’t have had that last wine cooler. There are no other cars on this long, empty dirt road, but I take my time anyway. Peeking in the rear view mirror, I see Roy running his fingers through Katie’s hair, murmuring softly to her, then I hear soft moans. I turn the radio up and try to focus on the road.

After awhile, Roy taps my shoulder. “This is it,” he says. I pull into to the long gravel driveway of a tidy white farmhouse. Roy and Katie spill out of the backseat. I see her zipping up her jeans as she stumbles towards the front door. Roy kisses her goodnight, they stand under the porch light, holding each other as if he were leaving forever. I sigh. They break their embrace, then she beckons him back for one last long, smoldering kiss.

“Finally,” he sighs, slumping in the passenger seat, “I thought she’d never fucking go inside.”

“What?” I exclaim.

“Jesus Christ, she’s a pain and a fucking half, let me tell ya,” Roy grabs a can of beer he stashed under the seat. He pops the tab open and offers me a drink. I shake my head. I pull out of the driveway. Katie is looking out the window. I give her a wave and Roy blows a kiss out the window.

I look at him, expecting further explanation, but he doesn’t give any. We drive along in silence, windows down. My buzz is wearing off a little, I hope there ‘s some wine coolers left at the party when we get back.

“Pull off here,” Roy says, gesturing to a little dirt track that leads towards the woods. I assume he has to pee, so I stop the car and wait for him to get out. He puts a hand on my knee. I look at him in surprise. He flashes me a seductive grin that makes my heart flutter a little.

“But…Katie…Manny…” I protest, but I don’t pull away.

“Aw, we ain’t gonna fuck, darlin’,” he says, his voice like warm syrup, “We’ll just have us a little fun.”

Roy kisses me, unzipping my jeans at the same time. “We don’t have much time,” he whispers in my ear. “It’ll get back to her if I’m not at the party soon. She’s got spies every-fucking-where.” I let him peel off my jeans. He tells me to move to the passenger seat. I scoot over, and push the seat back as far as it will go.

Roy crouches down on the floor of the car, and I place my feet up against the windshield. I wait for his mouth to find my pussy, but instead he goes straight for my ass. I’m shocked. No one’s ever done that before, I didn’t even know it could be done. He keeps his hands firmly on my bare thighs, only using his mouth on me. His tongue traces circles around my asshole, darting in and out in little flicks. I moan, I can’t believe how good this feels. Roy nibbles my thighs, then gently sucks at my anus. My pussy twinges in jealousy. Finally, Roy plunges his tongue deep in me, eating my ass like a ripe, juicy peach. I grab a handful of his hair and push his head towards me. Enthusiastically, he fucks me harder with his mouth. I rub my clit with my free hand, grinding my ass into his face. My pussy juice drips down towards his mouth, his tongue darts out now and again to lap it up.

I try to feel a little guilty, but I can’t. I’m close to coming, I finger my cunt faster, harder. Roy’s mouth is a frenzy. I thrust my ass at his face, then I grab one of his hands from my thigh. I guide it to my pussy, begging him to get me off. Instead, he takes my hand and sucks my finger, covering it with saliva. Roy guides my own wet finger into my asshole, then joins in again with his tongue. He keeps his hand over mine, forcing me to finger my own ass. My back arches, I lift myself completely off the seat. Roy moans, I feel the vibrations in his tongue. His fingers join mine inside me and together we fuck my ass. Almost immediately my pussy erupts, and I come with a long, drawn out scream.

The windows are completely fogged up, save for the foot shaped spots on the windshield. Roy’s face is glistening with cum and spit, he grabs an old t-shirt from the backseat and cleans off.  We roll the windows down and light cigarettes.

“Thanks, darlin’, I needed that. Bitch won’t let me anywhere near that ass of hers. We’ll keep this our little secret, right?” he says conspiratorially. I nod and we drive off back into the night.

4 thoughts on ““I’ll drive Katie home,” I say to Roy, plucking the keys from his hand.

  1. I’ve been in the situation where someone I was with wouldn’t try something new. I’m glad to say I eventually found someone who would. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d found someone who would have been willing while I was still in that first relationship, though. Probably exactly what happened here. I wouldn’t have been a good boyfriend, had temptation been available then.

  2. Goddamn! I’ve got to figure out a way to get the guy I’m seeing into rimming. This post made my asshole lonely.

  3. Now THAT’s how you start a Sunday…well, how *I* did at least. Reading this.


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