“Wanna?” I ask Will.

He shrugs, eyes still focused on the computer screen. If I want to get laid, I’m going to have to work for it.

I leave Will gazing at his laptop and head for the bedroom. Opening the dresser, I dig out a pair of black fishnets. I pull them on, ripping the crotch wide open. I rifle through the closet, looking for the tiny black skirt I know he likes.

“Are you looking for something sexy to put on?” he calls out hopefully from the next room.

“Maybe,” I answer.

I search the closet for the black skirt another moment, then give up. Instead I find a silky black slip from the dresser that I’d forgotten about. I squeeze into a black lace bra that threatens to heave my tits overboard. My hair, released from its bun, falls in soft black waves against my shoulders. I feel like a pin-up model, maybe one of the Vargas girls. This will certainly do.

Returning, I pose in front of Will.  “Mmmmm…” he says, running a hand across the silky fabric, “This is lovely.” As he closes his laptop, I catch a glimpse of a porn movie.  I straddle him, feeling his cock strain against his jeans. He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

“Should we use any toys?”  I ask.

“Hey,” Will smiles, “We should play with this.” He pulls a black leather dildo harness from the toy chest.

“Which cock would you like?” I ask. “The big red one or the pink one?” Will chooses the pink one, closer to real flesh in color and in shape. I pull up the black slip and buckle the harnessed dildo over my fishnets. The soft leather straps rides tight up between my ass cheeks. I smooth the slip down over my hard cock. The dildo juts out from the hem of the slip, peeking out from under the black lace trim.

“Oh my God,” Will says, his cock stiffening instantly, “You look like…”

“A chick with a very big dick,” I finish his sentence for him.

Usually when I’m the one wielding the penis, I like to be really butch. I wear my hair slicked back, a tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up. My whole demeanor changes, roughens. I like to live the moment, to let the other personality take over. The soft femininity of this moment surprises us both, the stark contrast between the soft black lace and the hard penis is a delightful shock. I know this is close to his ultimate fantasy, and here we are by accident, a beautiful dichotomy.

“I would have never thought this roleplay up…” I say to Will, “But holy shit, this is hot.”

Spitting on my hand, I rub the tip of my cock, running my hand slowly up and down the shaft. His eyes follow hungrily. “May I?” he asks. I nod, he greedily takes the cock into his mouth. I place his hands on my breasts, letting him enjoy the full contrast against the dick in his throat. He chokes a little, and I pat his head in approval.

“Ride me, come on me… I want to see your white cum against the black slip.” I reach for the lube. Will greases his ass, then straddles my cock, inching himself onto it. He rides me, but soon the harness grinds painfully against my pubic bone.

“Let me fuck you from behind,” I say. We switch positions. Will reaches between his legs and guides my cock into his ass. I feel a moment of resistance, then I glide in easily, filling his asshole with my dick. I push it right to the hilt, feeling him shudder with pleasure.

We rock back and forth together. I hold his hips and admire my giant cock sliding in and out of his ass. The silky slip feels cool against my skin.

He pauses and looks back at me.

“Is something wrong?” I ask. Will shakes his head, then releases himself from me. With a devilish glint in his eye, he takes the cock swiftly into his mouth.

“Oh, you are so fucking dirty,” I breathe. “So absolutely fucking filthy.” Will sucks the shaft, deep throating the dildo, not missing an inch.  He gets back on his knees and I slam my cock back into his asshole.

“Dirty, dirty, dirty” I say, slapping his ass.

“Harder,” he gasps, sliding his hand up and down his own stiff dick.

I fuck him hard, putting all my strength behind each collision. I wish I could feel this with a real cock, the tiny spasms, the hot, wet inner reaches. Will shudders and bucks. I wipe the cock across the thick strand of cum on his belly, then bring it to his mouth. He licks it clean.

I roll over to wipe myself clean, and I hear the whistle of the flogger in the air only a millisecond before it cracks firmly across my ass.

“My turn,” he says, tying my hands from behind.

3 thoughts on ““Wanna?” I ask Will.

  1. MagNIFicent… We need more like this. If the New Yorker had more Erotic tales in it, we’d be healthier as a society.

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