New podcast episode: “Blue moved in…”

I think this is one of the more beautiful pieces I’ve written. I’ve since lost contact with Blue, I hope he’s loved, where ever he may be…

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“Is there anything else you’d like?” Nick asks.

He’s totally spent. I know because I’ve drained him of every last drop. I’ve come too, more than once, but there is one more thing…

“Tie me up,” I say. “Tie me up and leave me.”

“Leave you?” He pauses, confused.  “Not fuck you more, just leave you?”

“Yes,” I answer. “Tie me up, go shower, smoke, read a bit, whatever you like. I’ll be fine.”

I know he doesn’t understand. Even having his hands tied makes him uncomfortable and not in a sexy submissive way. He can’t go there, it has no sexual connection for him at all.

“If that’s what you want,” he says finally.

Nick starts by looping the rope around my hands. That’s the minimum amount of bondage I need, the trigger that quiets my busy buzzing brain, the signal that nothing is in my control anymore. He winds the rope down my arms, binding them to my chest. The rope trails between my legs, tightens at the crotch, crosses over my thighs and ankles. With a sly grin, he loops it once around each big toe and fastens them together. He kisses each toe, then silently leaves the room.  Continue reading