“Get your hand off my thigh,” I say to Tim.

“I’m looking for a better parking spot.” I’m in no mood. I hate going to the mall, but I need to buy one last-minute gift.

“You passed one three rows ago,” he says, sounding annoyed. Tim hasn’t moved his hand, in fact, he’s snaking it dangerously close to my pussy.

I stop the car mid-row. A woman in a green SUV behind me honks and flashes her headlights. I ignore her.

“Here?” I turn to ask him. “Now? Really?” The woman honks again.

Tim doesn’t say anything, instead he starts to unzip my pants.

“Jesus. Fine. Let me park,” I say, batting his hand away. The SUV maneuvers around me, just barely scraping each of our vehicles. I circle towards the outer edge of the mall parking lot, but just then a spot opens up. I pull in.

“This is awfully close,” Tim says, looking around at the stream of people.

“What? Now you’re chicken?” I ask. “It’s almost dark anyway, no one will see.”

I unzip my pants the rest of the way. I crawl to the passenger seat and straddle him. Reaching into his jeans, I rub the head of his cock. It’s chilly out, the windows begin to fog almost immediately. Tim unhooks my bra, leaving it loose under my clothes. He ducks under my sweater, taking one nipple into his mouth and another between his fingers. I slowly start to grind into him through our jeans. His cock is hard, but I’m not ready to set it free yet.

A dark blue truck with a flashing white light drives by slowly. The bright light pulses and echoes across the dashboard, reflecting in the mirrors.

“Mall cop,” I say.

“Now who’s worried?” he teases, sliding his hands into the front of my jeans. I scoot back to the driver’s seat, and pull my jeans down a little. Tim runs his hand over my pussy, working two fingers in and out of my cunt. I fall into the rhythm and thrust my hips back and forth. This is definitely better than shopping.

I lay back, close my eyes and listen to the murmurs of people passing by.  I hear a car door slam shut nearby. Tim adds another finger, I grind hard into his hand. A car alarm bleats in the distance.

I’m ready to fuck.

“Let me get that cock nice and wet,” I sit up, licking my lips. Tim abruptly pushes my head towards his crotch.

“Hey, too rough,” I say in protest, but he’s ducking too.

“We’ve gotta move,” Tim answers. The flashing white light illuminates the interior again, this time the truck moves slower. “Mall cop guy is getting suspicious.”

After the truck passes, I adjust my clothes and start the car. I drive around to the back of the mall, past the movie theater. The lot out there is further from the stores and less busy.

“This isn’t nearly as fun,” I pout, looking out at the quiet lot.

“Dirty girl.” Tim laughs in a low rumble. He’s got that look in his eye, it sends a thrill straight to my crotch.

I lay back in my seat and struggle with my jeans. Tim frees his cock, it stands erect and ready. I climb on top of him and slide down easily on his dick, shuddering with pleasure. Tim grabs my tits under my sweater and squeezes. My pussy glides slickly up and down, he thrusts his cock up to meet me. I’m moments from coming, loud and hard.

“Ow!” I say suddenly. “Ow! Fuck! Stop, stop, stop!”

“What?” he asks. “Is it the mall cop?”

“No, fuck, not that,” I answer, “Fuck. I’ve got a fucking Charlie horse.” I massage the knot in my leg.

“You need to stretch your leg out,” Tim says, opening the car door.

He stands outside of the car, then gently pulls my legs outside. I flex my leg straight for a moment and the cramp disappears. I try to move legs back inside, but instead he spreads them wide open and stands between my knees.

“Are you fucking crazy?” I hiss.

Tim yanks his pants down to his thighs and leans over me. We fuck half inside and half outside the car. The chilly night air rushes over us in waves.

“We might get caught,” I whisper.

“I know,” he whispers back.

A surge runs through me, a wet, hot rush that flows straight to my pussy. I pull Tim towards me, wrapping my arms around him. We start fucking urgently. We know we have to fuck hard, and we have to fuck fast. Tim pounds against my cunt. I arch against the car seat, my nails digging into his ass.

I look up at him, he’s illuminated in a yellowish haze by the parking lot lights. We’re on high alert, every detail presents in sharp relief. Traffic echoes from far away. We fuck in a violent tempo, throwing our bodies at each other. The vinyl piping the seat presses into my lower back. Each stroke of his cock is magnified. Anyone could come at any moment.

He slams into me over and over. Our breath is a white gauzy halo, it meets and swirls with each exhale, then silently floats away into the cold night.

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