I can’t move my upper arms.

Nick has bound them tightly to my sides with a long sheet of plastic wrap. My breasts are squashed flat against my chest. I try to inhale deeply, the plastic tightens and prevents me from moving. He winds the plastic around and around, then tears it along the edge of the box.

Nick is taking an unusual delight in restraining me. He doesn’t understand why someone would want to be tied up, but he does it anyway, for me. His eyes are distant, I can see him thinking of possibilities. He tells me to get on my knees. Nick wraps the plastic around my wrists, fastening them to my thighs. I’m left unable to move my arms or hands, save for my fingertips.  Continue reading

I’m on two Kindle bestseller lists!

Self-publishing is a controversy, I know. As a writer, you want your words to be read by as many people as possible and it’s not easy finding the right venue. Recently, Kindle launched a new lending program, giving readers the ability to borrow ebooks. I signed up for the program, and took advantage of their offer for book promotion.

As I clicked the button to promote one of my books for free, I wondered if it would have any effect at all. I woke up yesterday to see my book, The True Life Sex Adventures of Daisy Danger, Vol. I, climbing to the top of two different Kindle bestseller lists!

As of writing this, I’m currently ranked # 2 of the Top 100 free Best Sellers in Biographies & Memoirs of Women and #3 in the Top 100 free Best Sellers in Love & Romance. I’m floored, pleased, tickled pink and everything in between!

Today is the last day that I’m offering this volume for free on Amazon, please download it, read it and enjoy it. If at least four more people leave a review, I’ll publish Volume II for free this weekend.

Nothing makes me happier than having my work read, and right now, I’m over the moon!

It’s the weekend, we’re all hanging out at Eric’s place.

Eric’s rich, at least by our standards. He lived in Vegas and worked as a mortgage loan-something-or-other. Whatever he did, it’s far beyond our comprehension. No one really knows why Eric moved back either, although I suspect it has something to do with pills and that his sister is a doctor here.

Eric bought an entire building downtown, something also beyond our comprehension. Once, I overheard him tell his brother-in-law that he only paid eighty grand for the whole place, they both laughed and I didn’t know why. It’s a four story building, the top three floors are one giant apartment.  I don’t fuck him just because he lives here, but it doesn’t hurt either. Continue reading

New podcast episode: “Is there anything else you’d like?”

He’s totally spent. I know because I’ve drained him of every last drop. I’ve come too, more than once, but there is one more thing…

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