Review of the Tor II from Lelo

For today’s post, a representative from Lelo asked me to review their new product, the Tor II. Lelo provided the product for review. 

The box arrives, sleek, black and modern, as if it were designed by Apple. We open it to reveal a cock ring and a small charger.

The Tor II is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. My partner looks skeptical. The finish is pleasing, luxuriously silky to the touch.

“I don’t think I’m going to fit in that,” he says, holding it up.

“It’s really stretchy,” I say hopefully. I plug it in to charge and press one of the buttons on the side.  It makes a low whrrrrrrrr sound.

“Oh.” I’m disappointed. I can barely feel it vibrate.Then I press the button on the side again. And again. I click it a few times, as high as it will go. It nearly vibrates off my hand.

“OH!” I say, shoving it down the front of my panties, “This is nice!”

I let it charge for a couple hours, then we take it out for a spin.

We climb into bed, he lubes his cock and the inside of the ring. Just as I predicted, it stretches out far enough for him to fit into. We crank it to eleven and I lay on my back. I grab his cock, feel the vibrations down his whole length and pull him into me.

He enters me, fucking me hard, then slow. We try several variations of the missionary. The cock ring vibrates strong and steady, it’s definitely pleasant, but it’s not blowing either of us away. Until…

“Let me come at you from behind,” he says.

“For science!” I agree. I get on my knees and he slides in me with the TOR II going full blast.

“Ooooooh,” I exclaim, “This is good, no, I take that back, it’s…ooooohhh…WOW.” My ability to form words suddenly short circuits as the vibrations hit the right spot.

Usually in this position, I like to hold a vibrator on my clit. It’s always a bit awkward trying to reach between my legs while I’m getting hammered from behind. This is a total replacement.

“How’s this?” he asks.

I reply with a muffled moan into my pillow. This is beyond my expectations. I’m not missing my favorite vibrator at all. The ring hits my clit with surprising accuracy, sending tiny explosions of pleasure through me with each thrust. I come almost immediately.

“I want to try something else,” he says.

“Can we write this sex off on my taxes?” I ask as we pause, “I mean, it technically is work.”

He pulls the TOR II off his hard cock, and then tries to pull it over his balls. It takes a minute, the device isn’t that stretchy, but he manages to pull everything through.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he leans back a moment, eyes closed. I place my hand on his balls, everything is humming along nicely.

I get back on my knees and he enters me again.

The sensation on my end is significantly dampened, but he’s clearly enjoying it more now. I reach around and hold the toy and his vibrating balls up against my clit. It still feels good, but it’s not as strong for me in this configuration. Normally he’s really into having his balls restrained when we fuck, the strong vibrations are only adding to his pleasure.

He’s still excited and I’ve had several small orgasms by this point, so I ask him if he wants something else. I offer to peg him with the TOR II around my strap-on, but he’s enjoying the sensation on his balls to much to take it off.

I give him a good hard ass fucking, and after he comes, he takes the cock ring off. I slide it around my cock and tell him to feel how heavily it vibrates.

“Oh,” he says, feeling it. “I wish I would’ve let you do that in the first place!”

“Next time,” I answer with a smile.


Additional thoughts: The TOR II is powerful enough to completely replace my favorite handheld vibrator while I’m having sex. It’s more powerful and less complicated to use.

We’re both genuinely surprised and pleased with the entire product. The small size of the ring doesn’t get in the way, there aren’t any odd or rough corners to distract from the sensation. It’s very well made and completely waterproof. It’s on the expensive end, a bit over one hundred dollars, but I think it’s well worth the price. This toy is going to be a favorite for a long time to come. Simply put, it’s fucking amazing!

The only thing I didn’t like was trying to turn it off. There are inset buttons marked + and – on either side. To turn it up you have to repeatably click the plus sign, to turn it down, you push the minus sign, but there is no instant off switch. It was rather difficult to turn it off when my hands were covered post-sex lube and (ahem) other slippery substances.

Since the first test run, he’s used it around his balls during masturbation and says he likes it better for that purpose than during sex. Next time I peg him though, we’re going to put it on my cock and see if that changes his mind.

Get yours here and let me know what you think! Questions? Leave ’em in the comments and I’ll answer them.

Addendum: The big part that housed the vibrator was facing downwards while we had sex. He briefly tried it the other way around to see if it would vibrate against my ass, but it was really uncomfortable.

16 thoughts on “Review of the Tor II from Lelo

  1. See, my results have always been mixed when using vibes. Sadly, the cost will probably keep me away from this one.

  2. Good review. I almost picked one of these up just the other day. Just to be clear: sounds like you found it worked best only when the ring pointed downward, the vibrating portion between testicles and clit, and that it hurt you when it was up against your ass. But what about during missionary? Did it work in that position, with the vibrator above his cock? Seems a bummer you could only use it in one orientation (even a good one).

  3. Yes, it worked best when the ring pointed downward. Missionary was okay, but it really isn’t either of our favorite positions generally anyway, it just seemed like a good position to start out with. I’m pretty certain that it will probably rock during anal sex, but I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet.

  4. You totally sold me on this with your review! I just ordered one off their website and I’m looking foreword to giving this a buzz with my guy when it arrives! I’ve used a number of other LELO products in the past and have never been disappointed!

  5. Thanks for the great review, totally sold me on it. My wife and I recently tried the We-Vibe 3 and were literally blown away by it, sounds like this might be equally as excellent. Looking forward to trying it out!

  6. How much do the ( TOR 2 ) cost, how do I order one and how long do the delivery take and how much does that cost . Im living in Ireland

  7. HI daisy. When your man put the tor 2 over his cock and balls,was the tor 2 facing up or down and which is better for both men and women? Thanks.
    South Africa

  8. Hi Altaaf,

    We tried the Tor 2 in all different ways. It’s so powerful that it works well no matter what position, but the best is if the big, vibrating part is up against the women’s clitoris. LELO just launched a new toy called the PINO that is an upgrade of the TOR, I’ll be reviewing that in the next few weeks. Thanks!

  9. Hi Daisy, just wondering if you/your partner could give an estimate of the width you think the TOR II could comfortably fit? Been thinking about buying it for my man and I, but he’s probably about 1.75″ and I’m not quite prepared to commit that much $ too it if he’s going to totally lose circulation. Great review, though, thanks!

  10. I don’t have one handy to look at, but the TOR II is pretty damn stretchy, more than it looks in the photos. My partner is girthy and he had no circulation troubles at all. He was able to even stretch it over and around his balls. Hope this helps!

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