It’s hot, one of those sticky, sweaty days you dream about in the dead of winter.

We’re flopped on the couch, watching movies, but even following the plot seems like too much effort.

“If it weren’t so damn hot, I’d wanna fuck,” Nick says, tilting the fan to blow across our faces.

“Me too, I answer, “But ugggggh.” I get up to refresh our drinks.

“Lots of ice this time,” he calls out.

I return, handing Nick his drink, the glass already dripping with condensation. A dribble falls on his belly and slides down, disappearing under the waist of his shorts. I’m suddenly mesmerized.

I fish one ice cube from my glass and hold it between my fingers. I place it on his neck and he shudders with pleasure. I drag the ice slowly along the top of his shoulder, it melts into a little cascade down his chest. I grab another. 

Nick closes his eyes as I trace ice down his arm, then around his nipples. Tiny goosebumps follow the wake of the trails. He sighs. I take another ice cube into my mouth and hold it to his lips. His eyes flutter open and he takes the ice from me into his own mouth.

Lifting my shirt, he takes my nipple into his mouth. My nipple stiffens instantly, coming in contact with the ice. It’s a study in constrasts, the heat of his lips, the chill, the tiny cool stream that trails down, dripping onto my leg.

He sucks one nipple, then the other. I take another ice cube, unzip his shorts, and slide my hand downward, teasing his inner thigh. Nick responds, pressing the rapidly melting ice against my cunt. Suddenly, we’re all hands and mouths and water and sweat. I cool my mouth off with a long drink of water, then plunge my lips around his cock. His fingers enter me, and we stroke each other in unison. My head bobs up and down, his fingers slide in and out.

He breaks rhythm, then enters me again, the cold inside of me is a shock. As he fingers me, the ice melts rapidly, trickling down over my clit. Sweat runs down my face, drips onto his cock. I taste the salt from both of us as I continue to suck him off.

My cunt is dripping wet. Nick spanks his hand lightly against my pussy, tiny droplets splatter my thighs. He strikes again, harder. I drag my teeth against the surface of his cock in response.

We turn animal, lost in both the pleasure and the heat. I flip over onto my back, he pins my shoulders and fucks me. Sweat runs off his forehead, we’re both slick as we rut against each other. He loses his grip on my shoulders. We ram into each other, violent waves crashing against rock. We reek of sex and salt.

I feel his first tiny shudder. We rock back and forth, clinging to each other. I cry out, he bucks. We pull apart, sticky, overheated and exhausted. We now only touch fingertips, too hot to embrace any longer.

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