Guest posts on Sonic Erotica

Sonic Erotica is a free audio service that offers steamy stories to the visually impaired. They were kind enough to ask me to create some exclusive audio stories, and of course I was happy to oblige. Here’s the first of three audio stories that I recorded for them: Threesome. Enjoy!

Review: The KAYA Rabbit Vibe from Picobong

For today’s post, a representative from Picobong asked me to review their new product, the KAYA Rabbit Vibe. Picobong by LELOi AB provided the product for review. 

Picobong sent me their new KAYA Rabbit Vibe for review. Out of the box, it’s pretty. I received the bright turquoise color, and it instantly reminded me of popsicles and classic cars, not that I would want either one in my vagina.

The KAYA sports twelve different vibrating modes, accessed by three inset buttons on the handle: Fast, slow/off and M. Pressing the “M” button changes the vibration patterns, sending vibes both to the large and small portions of the toy.

Holding it in my hand, I was intrigued by the feelings of the different modes and couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.  Continue reading