Review: The KAYA Rabbit Vibe from Picobong

For today’s post, a representative from Picobong asked me to review their new product, the KAYA Rabbit Vibe. Picobong by LELOi AB provided the product for review. 

Picobong sent me their new KAYA Rabbit Vibe for review. Out of the box, it’s pretty. I received the bright turquoise color, and it instantly reminded me of popsicles and classic cars, not that I would want either one in my vagina.

The KAYA sports twelve different vibrating modes, accessed by three inset buttons on the handle: Fast, slow/off and M. Pressing the “M” button changes the vibration patterns, sending vibes both to the large and small portions of the toy.

Holding it in my hand, I was intrigued by the feelings of the different modes and couldn’t wait to give it a whirl. 

Experiment one: The Loner

Lubed up and ready to fuck myself, I lay back and insert the KAYA, making sure I have the little part squarely on my clit. I turn it on and cycle through all twelve modes. It’s pleasant enough, especially when I find one that alternates in a pattern that feels like being licked very slowly. I cycle through them all again, boosting the speed. The patterns are interesting. Some alternate between the shaft and the small part, some emphasize one part over the other. The vibrations slow down or speed up, but I couldn’t find any single mode to get me off. I tried it all again on another occasion, just to make sure I didn’t miss something. Nope. Experiment one verdict: Eh.

Experiment two: The Gender Bender

In the spirit of equality, I hand the KAYA off to my partner for the night. He wants to try the large end in his ass with the little end resting on his balls. His report: It was really awkward placement (which was expected) and the vibrations weren’t strong enough to get him off.

Experiment three: Getting Fucked

I wonder if before I wasn’t at the proper angle to truly enjoy the range of the KAYA, so we both climb into bed to find out. My partner ties my hands together, since that’s the quickest way to get me in the mood. He also blindfolds me, because that’s how we roll.

I spread my legs and lay back. He slides the KAYA into me and picks a mode. I hear the low hum and feel a slight vibration. I ask him to turn it up, and he obliges. I lay there a bit, not responding physically until he changes modes again. We cycle through all of them, but I’m not any closer to coming than I was with the first mode. It’s just not strong enough to stimulate me. In fact, the whole thing starts feeling sort of clinical, and not in a sexy medical-play way. He finally asks if I want to stop. I do. He pulls it out and then he fists me, which gets me off in a matter of minutes.

Overall verdict: This is not the toy for me. My pussy likes things a little more heavy duty inside and my clit has been downright spoiled by other toys, like the TOR II. I think the KAYA is much more suited for those with sensitive lady bits, or those who haven’t had much sex toy experience and want something a little more delicate to start with.

The toy itself seems made very well. It’s silicone, waterproof, and the design is pleasing to look at. The feel is very nice, soft and almost silky. The inset buttons are easy to use even when covered with lube. I wish the instruction manual would have given a description of the different modes, it’s hard to count each one and remember which mode did what. It’s an overall quality product, but unfortunately it’s just not for me.

If you have any questions about the product or my review, please leave them in the comments section or ask me on Twitter.

One thought on “Review: The KAYA Rabbit Vibe from Picobong

  1. I have two Picobong toys. They are both pretty weak, and frankly, poorly made. Especially for the retail price. I’m very disappointed in this line from Lelo, which should be better.

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