“Smother me with your cunt,” he whispers.

Gently, I take his glasses and place them on the windowsill. He leans back into the mound of pillows, tucking the purple one under his neck. I sling my leg around and straddle his face, palms against the wall to keep my balance.

“No,” he says, grabbing my hips and pulling me down further. “Cover my face so I can’t breathe.”

“I know what kind of porn you’ve been watching,” I say, “Filthy boy.” I crouch down lower, grabbing his head, forcing his mouth to meet me.

Stubble grinds into my thighs, a thousand delightful little pinpricks. He laps at my clit with short forceful strokes. I squirm around, then lower myself one final inch, completely burying his face in my pussy. I don’t so much hear his muffled moan as feel it, a low vibration purring against my cunt.

He alternates between sucking my clit like a tiny penis and running his tongue up and down the length of my pussy. The tip of his tongue teases at my opening, but he won’t enter yet. It’s delightfully maddening and he knows it. I feel his hands clench slightly around my thighs, I look down, he meets my eyes. I ease up slightly and he takes a long, deep breath.

“Yes?” I ask. “Is this good? Is it what you wanted?”

He licks his lips, inhales a second time, he pulls me on top of his mouth again. This time I don’t ease down, I sit on his face with my full weight, he rubs my thigh in a small gesture of approval.

He’s practiced at this, a lifelong oral fixation has given him the ability to make me orgasm nearly instantly.The short laps against my clit strengthen and slow down, he draws each stroke out, then he fucks me with his tongue. I come hard, and I come wet. I feel his mouth opening under me to catch the gush of fluid pouring out of my cunt.

I close my eyes for a moment. He relaxes against the pillow, looking pleased with himself. I lift up, ready to give him his turn at an orgasm, but he shakes his head “no” and pulls me down again.

This round he is considerably less gentle. He bites and holds and I struggle to stay put. I feel another sudden rush and my cunt is slick against his face. Reaching up to my breasts, he pinches my nipples. My entire body reawakens in a jolt.

He covers my tits with his hands, crushing them with his powerful grip. I lean back, my cunt still centered on his mouth, letting myself be suspended by his hands. His fingers dig into my breasts, his tongue thrusts inside me. I writhe slickly against his face, his salt sweat and my come mingling.

My tits ache all the way to my toes, it’s both unbearable and delicious. I resist the urge to sit up and release the pressure, instead I fall into the pain and let it take me. We grind into each other, cunt against tongue. I reach behind me and grab his erect cock, but all I can do is hold it in my hand. My head is full and my body is on overload.

Then there it is, that high, sweet buzzing feeling, low in my belly, moving upwards and downwards simultaneously, spreading the heat that comes before the climax. My thighs twitch, then shake. I sit up and lean forward against the cool wall, his hands still clenched around my tits, his mouth held firmly to my pussy. I hear myself cry out, everything shudders, turns wet, and releases.

I twitch, still sitting on his face. Carefully he extracts himself, sliding out from under me. His face is red, slick with sweat and the remnants of my orgasm. I collapse, exhausted, and pull him in for a deep salty kiss.

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