The Shower

I’m weak, still sticky and exhausted from the marathon sex session we just had. Nick asks if I feel like going out to get something to eat. I tell him I’d definitely need a shower first. Just the thought of getting up makes me tired.

He kisses my forehead, says he’ll get the water all warmed up for me. He gets up, I close my eyes and nearly doze off. Soon I hear the water running, the soothing sound tempts me, so after a few minutes, I get up to join him.

I push the shower curtain aside, ready to step in. Nick stands under the water, dark damp curls cling to the back of his neck. The steam is scented with lavender, he’s been using my soap.

Nick steps aside to let me under the hot stream. The spray hits between my shoulder blades and I let out a deep sigh. It trickles down my back, my hips, and converges in a stream between my legs. Nick kneels in the tub, catching the stream in his mouth. He grins up at me and I pat his head.

“Silly,” I say with a lazy smile. I’m still floating high above the clouds in delicious subspace. I feel light, as if I could drift away any moment. Continue reading

I answer the phone, knowing it’s you.

I’ve been waiting. I lean back against the stack of pillows, the light from my cell phone throws odd shadows against the wall.

You tell me you miss me. I miss you too, even though it’s only been hours. By now, you’re on the other side of the state, too far away to turn around and fuck me one last time. I still catch the scent of you, on my pillows, my shirt, I will for days.

You tell me to slide my panties over my thighs, but not to take them off. Am I still wet? It only takes a moment to become wet all over again. I suck my finger and press it to my clit. I hear the cool dry flick of the lighter, the crackle of your cigarette, your slow exhalation. I imagine your smoky white halo, the black leather chair you’re sitting in right now. Continue reading