The Shower

I’m weak, still sticky and exhausted from the marathon sex session we just had. Nick asks if I feel like going out to get something to eat. I tell him I’d definitely need a shower first. Just the thought of getting up makes me tired.

He kisses my forehead, says he’ll get the water all warmed up for me. He gets up, I close my eyes and nearly doze off. Soon I hear the water running, the soothing sound tempts me, so after a few minutes, I get up to join him.

I push the shower curtain aside, ready to step in. Nick stands under the water, dark damp curls cling to the back of his neck. The steam is scented with lavender, he’s been using my soap.

Nick steps aside to let me under the hot stream. The spray hits between my shoulder blades and I let out a deep sigh. It trickles down my back, my hips, and converges in a stream between my legs. Nick kneels in the tub, catching the stream in his mouth. He grins up at me and I pat his head.

“Silly,” I say with a lazy smile. I’m still floating high above the clouds in delicious subspace. I feel light, as if I could drift away any moment.

Nick soaps up a washcloth and carefully washes my body in big slow circles. I lift my arms and turn around, letting him clean me off. As I rinse off, he lightly nibbles the back of my neck. I shiver with pleasure.

“Don’t” I say, “You’ll get me going again.” Nick doesn’t say anything, he only bites harder. I gasp as he reaches around a squeezes my breast. His hard cock rests up against my ass.  A fresh, hot surge races through my body, re-awakening my cunt. I lean back against his wet naked body. Nick wraps his arms around me, one hand reaching up to my throat, the other between my legs.

He parts my thighs and slides his fingers into my pussy. I wince, I’m raw and sore from our previous night’s activities. My cunt feels swollen and tender against his hand. I teeter on the edge of pain and pleasure as his fingers glide in and out of me.

Nick’s hand tightens around my throat, my knees go weak. I reach behind me and grab his cock, running my hand up and down the its length. Nick pushes me to my knees and guides my head to his cock. The hot water sprays the top of my head, trails down my face, onto his dick and into my mouth.

As he fucks my face, I trace one finger up his leg, graze it across his balls. He shudders with pleasure as I lightly scrape him with my fingernail. I stay there for a moment as my mouth slides back and forth across his cock.

I take Nick all the way in, deep-throating. As I do, I slip one finger up into his ass. Surprised, he grabs my hair to anchor himself. His stance widens, giving me more access to his nether regions.  I fuck him in unison, my finger pushing all the way in as my mouth takes him whole.

Nick’s hips thrust back and forth, as if he’s undecided where the most pleasure lay. He plunges to meet my finger one moment, then drives forward to meet my mouth. I suck at his cock greedily, I add a second finger in his ass. Nick lets out a low moan.

His cock stiffens another degree, filling my mouth. I can barely fit him all in. His ass is warm and open, I think longingly of the strap-on in the bedroom. I decide my fingers will have to do. I insert a third. Nick leans forward, steadying himself against the wall with one arm.

He fucks my mouth in a frenzy now, pulling away, letting me suck hard at the tip, then slamming his cock into my throat. I fuck him equally as hard with my fingers, widening them slightly, then plunging them into his ass again and again.

The warm water from the shower splashes over the both of us as we rock back and forth. I finger fuck him faster, I suck harder on his cock. He releases my hair, needing to support himself with both his arms now. His thighs begin to quiver, his body trembles.

I slide in a fourth finger and Nick loses all control. With a cry, he spasms, my mouth suddenly overflowing with his hot come. He pushes back from me, his cock pulls away from my mouth, I draw my fingers from him.

I stand and he kisses me hard, licking his own come from the corners of my mouth. After a moment, I turn towards the shower spray, rinsing my face. As I let the water wash over me, I feel a few of his fingers searching out my own ass.

I smile to myself, lean against the wall and spread my legs as his fingers enter me.

(Daisy’s note: This is a fictional story that originally appeared as an audio guest post on Sonic Erotica.)

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