Three years!

It’s my three year blog anniversary. Three years ago, if you asked me what I expected to happen, I would have said that maybe a few people would find it and read it, and maybe it would last six months if I was lucky. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

How did I even start blogging? I call this blog my revenge fuck. It started as a rebellion against one person. No, not one of the ex-boyfriends I’ve written about, but an editor. One of my friends asked me to proofread a piece she wrote for an anthology about true sex stories. I was blown away by the concept, and I wanted in. Even though it was past the submission deadline, my friend talked the editor into letting me submit a piece, as long as I could get it in by the end of the weekend. I wrote my ass off for three days and sent it in.

Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Then I was rejected. The editor was more interested in big names to promote book sales, I later found out. (I’m not quite as naïve about the publishing industry now, I realize that’s just how things work.)

“What the fuck?” I thought. It was one of the best things I’d ever written, I knew it. So I broke that one big long story into a bunch of smaller stories, picked a pen name, bought a domain name and I published it myself, starting with a very short story called “Mister slaps me a second time.”

And here we are, three years later. I never would have imagined. I’ve published several books on my own, I recently wrote a new book for Fleshbot Fiction (shameless plugs, because, hey, if you don’t tell people what you’re doing, they won’t know!) And the podcast, my god, that’s gone farther than I ever would have imagined. I feel like the queen of my own little perverted empire.

I wanted to share a comment I got recently from Marascha Black, who listens to my podcast. It’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received and it reminded me that what I write is more than stroking my own ego.

You’re a self-made success with quality work and more to come. Very few people can start a podcast, build and maintain a following and garner a book deal. All the sexual life lessons/people that you’ve experienced and committed to print and podcast in life helps so many people in owning their sexuality fearlessly. It’s made you stronger. In these times (wherein a majority of society still rewards women that apologize to no one in pursuit of pleasure by slut-shaming at the stake) you are a one woman middle-finger salute to that bullshit.


Thank you all for a wonderful three years, I couldn’t have done any of this without any of you.



One thought on “Three years!

  1. Happy three years, Daisy. You are one of the most dangerously talented writers I know. Keep kicking ass!

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