Everything changes

I’ve been woefully neglectful of my blog and my podcast this year, I know it. This past winter was so awful that it’s effects reverberated well into spring. Decisions were made, time marches on and all that, things are better than good now.

Writing-wise, I’m undergoing a seismic shift. When I was a news reporter, I loathed poetry. When I was a poet, I didn’t care for short stories. When I was writing short stories, anything longer than one thousand words seemed wasteful and excessive. I always felt non-fiction, even in poetry, was my forté.

Irony Alert: Currently I’m working on my first full length fiction novel. Yep. The wind has been blowing that way for quite a while, I’ve simply been trying to resist it. Just like I did with poetry and short stories, and those worked out just fine.

Although I’m not going to rename my blog, I am going to start posting again, but it will mostly be fiction. Most of you probably don’t care what I write, as long as I post something, anything, but for me, it took a great deal of thought and concern. The thing about writing about nothing but yourself is that after three years, you’ve had just about all the fucking introspection you can stand. There are some paths down memory lane that I prefer not to travel anymore.

Right now, my life is fucking amazing. I have an awesome partner who I’ve written about quite a bit, but even that gets hard to keep writing about over and over.

So bear with me as I find my fiction voice and as I post weird ass little clips of things, longer pieces, whatever I find to write about. I’ll still do product reviews, because if sex toy companies want to send me expensive new toys, then hell yes. I want to be blogging more actively again, but the non-fiction fountain has run dry for now. I’ve scheduled rerun podcasts to air every other week all the way through the end of December, hopefully by then I’ll have enough fiction pieces to start a brand new batch.


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