The strangest product review ever or Why I love Lelo’s Gigi 2

Gigi-2_product_deeproseLet’s back up to August. *pushes time machine button.*

Every so often Lelo contacts me to ask if I want to review something. Of course my answer is always a resounding “Hell yes!” So they sent me their new Gigi 2. When I opened it, there was a very minor defect, and of course I let them know about it. It’s fine, it’s a new product, things need to get worked out. No worries. They have amazing customer service and they took care of it.

Between the time I sent the defective one back and the time they sent me a new one, I was in a car accident. I totalled my car, it was a high speed accident, and I was very, very lucky to essentially walk away from it. (The other guy is okay too.) I wasn’t totally injury free, I fucked up my knee and my right hand, but neither injury needs more than lots of time to heal.

It’s been nearly a month, I am bored as fuck with all this recovery stuff. I spend lots of time watching Netflix. I can’t really write very long *cue sad violin music* and writing this will make my hand ache all day.

When you’ve been hurt for real, writing or thinking about BDSM is seriously unappealing, so my book has been on hold. The point I’m spiraling towards here is that I haven’t masturbated more than a couple times in the whole preceding month. I usually masturbate a couple times a day when I’m in full sex writing mode. I’ve lost touch (all puns intended) with my body.

Enough with the pity party, on to the review:

So last night, I’m looking at the box for my replacement Gigi 2. It’s been sitting on my desk, unopened this whole time.

“Fuck it,” I thought, “I could go for a wank,” and finally opened the box.

The Gigi 2 is designed to be a g-spot vibe. It’s small, one end is flat. As with most Lelo products, there is a nifty little control panel that’s easy to use and figure out. To access a different mode, you push up or down. To access speed/strength, you push to either side.

Like I said up above when I told my tale of woe, my right hand is kind of jacked up. Gripping things for a long time sucks, so holding on to a regular vibe is really out of the question for now. Here’s where I fell in love with the Gigi 2:

The Gigi 2 is tiny. It’s very slender and short. It’s super light, you could tuck this in a purse and never know it was there. It’s also rechargeable. No batteries to mess around with, just a charger that comes with it.

I slid it in and found a setting I liked…and then I let go. I was able to gently cross my thighs and hold it in that way. Hands-free!

This is not a girthy toy at all, it doesn’t need to be. It’s just long enough that the controls are on the outside and are totally accessible. It’s also just long enough that I could push it in and find that sweet spot, you know the one…where it almost hurts from being in too far, but doesn’t really.

I wiggled around a bit, found a comfortable position and came like a motherfucker almost immediately.

It was fucking lovely, my whole body was all “Whoa, oh hey orgasm, I remember you!” and it was a beautiful experience. I am very much looking forward to our next rendezvous.

To recap: I love the Gigi 2 because it is seriously easy to use and packs a hell of a wallop with very minimal effort on my part. It’s incredibly light, probably the most portable sex toy I own. This one has earned it’s place next to my bed.