This week’s podcast episode: New Year

For the rest of 2013, I’ll be re-running some older podcasts. I’ve even got them already uploaded and scheduled, because I’m cool like that. I’ll be going back to the every other week schedule instead of the “Oh fuck! I haven’t put out a podcast in two months!” schedule.

So, for your listening consideration I present: New Year. Catch it here on iTunes or listen right from Libsyn.

Why am I re-running? I’m in the middle of a huge writing project and I’m also getting ready to move. However, the main reason is I got an iPad mini, but they didn’t include the voice recorder app, which is what I use to record my podcasts. I love that app more than any fancy schmancy microphone I’ve used, and I see that Apple is going to bring it back when they finally release the newest iOS. I tried some other apps to record the last few newest podcasts, but they sounded terrible in comparison. What can I say? I’m picky.

Hopefully by 2014 I’ll have enough new stuff written that I can get back to releasing brand new episodes. I’m also considering expanding the podcast- would you like to hear works by other authors? Reviews? Interviews? The sound of one hand clapping? Leave me a comment or message me here.

Podcast from the archives: The phone rings in the middle of the night

Re-running one from a few years ago. I have a ton of new subscribers, so I thought I might run a few of the older ones now and again. Listen on  iTunes or on Libsyn.

I had a massive spike in podcast traffic at the end of April, but I don’t know where it came from, and it’s driving me crazy. Did someone mention me on their own podcast? If you’re a new listener, please let me know where you heard about me!

Ok, enough of the ego trip. Enjoy the podcast.



New podcast up! This is one of those paramount moments…

UPDATE: Hooray! iTunes is working again!

So, I recorded new podcast last week, and I’ve been waiting for it to hit iTunes before I announced it…but apparently iTunes is having massive, widespread uploading issues right now. I don’t know when it will be fixed, but it’s not just me, apparently, it’s affecting tons of other podcasts.

Fortunately, you can listen to the latest episode right here if you don’t feel like waiting:

Or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (if you don’t already) and wait for it to show up there. Enjoy!