Review of the Elise 2 by LELO

In addition to this written review, I also did a live recording of the testing on my podcast, you can find it here or on iTunes.

Again, LELO was generous enough to provide me with another one of their luxurious vibrators in exchange for a review. 

This time I tested the Elise 2. It’s covered in body-safe silicone that feels silky smooth and very luxurious. It’s waterproof and fully rechargable, the charger is included. The controls are an inset lighted panel on the handle, simply press one of the four buttons for speed control and to cycle through the vibration patterns. It’s extremely easy to change settings without taking the vibrator out of you. There are motors located both in the shaft and in the handle, which interact differently with each setting. The heft is lovely and the length is just right.

The price, as of this writing, is $169 plus shipping, making this the most expensive object I’ve ever stuck inside my vagina. Is it worth the money? I’m going to say yes, with a few caveats:

When I masturabte, I tend to go only for clit stimulation without any insertion, so testing this out was a bit different for me. Since the Elise 2 is curved to hit your g-spot, I tried it out mostly using full insertion.

My biggest complaint is how much power is in the handle. All those vibrations just seem completely wasted, I don’t need or want anything vibrating against my hand. I suppose I could have not inserted the shaft and used the handle against my clit, but with all the settings, that didn’t seem right either. I wonder if I’m missing some type of position where I can both be stimulated outside and inside, but I can’t imagine what it might be. If the handle motor were to be moved to the bottom of the shaft, I think it would produce some really mind blowing sensations.

Also, and I’ve said this in my previous reviews: I really wish LELO would provide a guide describing each setting. While I was using it, I lost track of how many vibration patterns I cycled through, the website says there are eight, so I probably cycled through some more than once. I tested all of them on the highest power since, hey, I know what I like and what’s going to get me there. If you listen to my audio review, you’ll note that I skipped over a few of the settings. Some settings were a little too fancy and jumped around too much, some were more focused using the power in the handle.

There were two I really enjoyed, with the power centered in the shaft. One seemed to power up at the tip and fade downward, the other vibrated very low and heavy in the tip. I did eventually get off from the low and heavy vibration and would definitely try that one again.

Since this is an equal opportunity sex toy household, my partner tried it as well. He said he really likes the finish and texture, went in very easy and very smooth. He notes that the powerful motor is a plus, and says the curve nicely hits his prostate. As a guy using it, he said the control pad is hard to reach from his angle of use and the settings are too complicated: “I just feel like the variable settings are more of a pain in the ass (no pun intended).”  He concludes that it’s a toy geared more for women, but he would definitely give it another try. He’d also find the setting he likes before use and leave it there instead of trying to change settings during use.

We’ve yet to play with it as a couple, but I could see definite possibilities for both of us.

You can purchase the Elise 2 here. Feel free to leave any questions or comments!

Review: The KAYA Rabbit Vibe from Picobong

For today’s post, a representative from Picobong asked me to review their new product, the KAYA Rabbit Vibe. Picobong by LELOi AB provided the product for review. 

Picobong sent me their new KAYA Rabbit Vibe for review. Out of the box, it’s pretty. I received the bright turquoise color, and it instantly reminded me of popsicles and classic cars, not that I would want either one in my vagina.

The KAYA sports twelve different vibrating modes, accessed by three inset buttons on the handle: Fast, slow/off and M. Pressing the “M” button changes the vibration patterns, sending vibes both to the large and small portions of the toy.

Holding it in my hand, I was intrigued by the feelings of the different modes and couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.  Continue reading

New podcast and some other good stuff

This week’s podcast episode is a heavy one. I really debated whether or not to even record this one. I decided I’m ultimately telling my life story and this story is a major part of who I am today. iTunes or listen here.

The special “Flattery will get you everywhere” blog edition:

Part one: I was recently interviewed by Jim Black of Liquid Whispers. He’s really been one of my big supporters since I started the blog, and I can’t thank him enough. Read the whole interview here.

Part two: Christian Madsen wrote a lovely little piece about my podcast on his blog, Story-Lab. He’s been doing a great job of reviewing my fellow adventures in alternative porn and sex writing. Read his piece on me here and be sure to check out the rest of his reviews including my favorites: Camille Crimson and Uncommon Appetites.

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