“You’re a self-made success with quality work and more to come. Very few people can start a podcast, build and maintain a following and garner a book deal. All the sexual life lessons/people that you’ve experienced and committed to print and podcast in life helps so many people in owning their sexuality fearlessly. It’s made you stronger. In these times (wherein a majority of society still rewards women that apologize to no one in pursuit of pleasure by slut-shaming at the stake) you are a one woman middle-finger salute to that bullshit.” –Marascha Black

“@daisydanger writes like pulling the goddamn fire alarm.” – @FritzBogott

“There are dozens of blogs out there just like hers but there is one super important aspect of Daisy’s work that makes them worth your notice. The woman can write. Oh my Buddha, can she write. She doesn’t fall into the traps of new writers where she over explains every detail. At the same time she doesn’t write about mysterious pseudonyms that become faceless forgettable characters. It is such a tricky thing to do but she does it so well. You know the essentials. She tells you just enough to feel the pain or the elation” – Shon Richards, Erotiterrorist

“I absolutely love this story blog! Daisy Danger is a collection of stories that are from the writer’s past. She does change these events a bit, however, and sprinkles in fiction (as well as a healthy dose of anonymity). Her writing style is very raw and honest. I really liked that! The collection of posts is sold as an ebook in pdf format, and can be purchased from several online stores. She also has an audio podcast of some of the entries, and she links to where they may be heard. There is an underlying humor here that I particularly appreciated, although that may simply be my own experience. I was beyond amused when reading entries like “I’m done with talk. I want action.” I think that if you are prone to sexual tomfoolery, you may find yourself identifying with these scenarios and laughing a bit too. Incredibly sexy and well written.” – Vamp from


“Have you seen Daisy Danger’s blog? I devoured it way too fast, because I’m a binge reader and her sexy-yet-dark writing is like sweet, sweet crack.” –Cherry Torn

“When I said that the title of your last post reminded me of a Smiths song, I meant that it reminded me of a time when artists spoke candidly about sexuality, and articulated a view of the world which had a sort of neon clarity. Your writing has that. Don’t stop.”- James Thomas @NotFunnyHaHa

“She doesn’t write porn. Sure, her writing will make you horny and if it doesn’t you really need to have that thing looked at by a medical professional, but it’s not porn. I don’t think it even counts as erotica. Her writing is an elegant, bare bones snapshot of human experience lived by a woman who probably never learned how to flinch at anything.” –Louis Doerflinger at Whiskey Dome

“Check out Daisy Danger’s writing. She manages to combine the ugly and the beautiful in a profound mix of anger, sex and love. Amazing stuff” -Tom @failedidealist

“Wow. Daisy Danger has this intense brutal honesty that is poetic and ugly and charming and scary all at once. I like it”- Jack Stratton

“I was roaming through her exciting, sexual stories and quit enjoying myself (not in ‘I’m pleasuring myself kind if way’ you pervs!), but I wanted to hear her voice – Daisy puts out these great podcasts, and there is just something about her voice, a heavy American accent that drives me wild…” Christian Madsen at Story-Lab parts One and Two

“As a fan of erotic literature, Daisy’s blog is A+ material. She gets the blood pumping with tales of lust and wantonness, expertly written in the form of a short story. While longer stories have their place, hers are just long enough to make me ‘just long enough.’ Stimulating the proverbial Dick in my brain, and putting me in the mood.” –


Ten Questions with Daisy Danger by JM Black on

Interview with Erotic Writer Daisy Danger by Olive Day on ZZ Insider

Daisy Danger on the Extreme Writing Now podcast with Sue Reddy and Alex Crabtree (audio)

Daisy Danger on True Sex Stories, Getting Fired and Becoming a Bestseller in Creative Loafing Tampa by Arielle Stevenson

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