“I’ve been fisted once,” I say, “accidentally.”

“Accidentally?” Jay cocks a skeptical eyebrow.

“Boyfriend from a long time ago,” I explain. “He was fingering me and kept adding fingers until…whoops! I don’t know who was more surprised. Anyway, it frightened us both and kinda killed the mood. We didn’t know it was a ‘thing.’ We thought we did something wrong.”

“Let me fist you,” Jay says, “the right way.”

I’m feeling adventurous and horny, so I agree. Jay lubes up, completely coating his hand up to his wrist. His hand suddenly looks enormous. “Just two fingers for now,” Jay says. I’m surprised to find that I’m tense. Usually two fingers are no problem, but he has to work them in. I adjust the pillow behind my head. I can’t seem to get comfortable,  my neck aches with tension.

“Have I ever hurt you?” Jay asks. I tell him no, of course not. “Relax and trust me then,” he replies, “this will really be okay.” I feel a third finger slide in, I start to breathe deep to relax. I stop fighting it, I try to let my mind drift. I start thinking about being tied up and fucked, pretending his fingers are a giant cock…I squirt a little– now I’m definitely relaxed.

Jay looks pleased. “Four,” he says. I feel my cunt expand with the added width. “That’s a lot,” I take a deep breath. He just nods, rhythmically working his hand back and forth. My pussy suddenly opens, it feels looser, warm and impossibly wet. “This is good,” I moan. Jay says when I come, my pussy will contract around his hand and it’ll sustain the orgasm. His hand will prevent my pussy from contracting all the way, so I’ll be thrown into a loop, where the orgasm can’t quite complete. I can’t wait.

“I’m going to put my thumb in like this,” Jay says, holding up his free hand to demonstrate. “When I push in a little, my hand is going to fold in on itself like this to make a fist.  It’s going to be a lot of pressure, don’t fight it.” I feel his thumb join the rest of his hand inside me. I’m wide, nearly splitting apart as it is, I don’t know how he’s going to manage this. I try not to tense up, but before I can think about it any more, he says “Here we go.”

Jay’s hand folds inside me, it feels enormous. I feel unrelentingly full. He moves his hand slightly and slowly, watching my face.  My head suddenly feels buzzy with the endorphin rush. Jay takes his time working his fist slowly in and out of me. I’m going crazy. “Fuck me,” I growl, “Oh God, just fuck me.”

Jay pulls his hand out to the widest part and thrusts it back inside me. I explode. I feel primal, I scream and buck. He rides along with me through each thrash. I sit up, I lay down, I grab the headboard, his hair.  I want to escape it and I want to run with it, no fuck has ever been this intense.  I start to orgasm.

The pressure is incredible, my pussy tries to expel his hand, but he won’t let it. I feel like I’m the ocean, rippling angrily at the shore. I peak, expecting the sensation to abate, but it won’t. I ride it, right there at the top, and when I think I’ve peaked, it goes higher. I feel myself clench around his hand, but he won’t pull it out. I can’t even open my eyes, I’m so lost and exhausted. I feel like I scream for hours.

Jay slowly pulls his hand all the way out, I open my eyes. “Wait for it,” he says mysteriously. My legs start to tremble violently, and then I come again, with nothing inside me. He hands me a glass of water, which I gulp down greedily. I lay back and another tiny earthquake erupts. I tremble and come again.

12 thoughts on ““I’ve been fisted once,” I say, “accidentally.”

  1. Very nice, Fisting just never gets old! It’s always fun to push the limits and what some would say is Taboo! They just don’t know better!

  2. I’ve tried… to .. do it myself, but never quite achieved anything.

    This is hot, btw :)

  3. maybe im just uneducated but wouldnt it make you really loose? or is that only if you do it frequently? does sound like a damn good time though so maybe its worth it

  4. Hi Nicole!
    A woman’s body is designed to bounce back from all types of things, childbirth, for example. Yes, the vagina is a bit loose after, but I’ve had sex the day after plenty of times and my partner said he couldn’t feel a difference. Doing Kegels on a regular basis helps retain muscle tone too.

  5. Thanks for the response. I guess that makes sense, didnt even think about that aspect. Either way its a really good story, thank you for sharing them.

  6. I had a similar experience and I was the giver. My first girlfriend and I would try hard to put my whole hand into her vagina. I didn’t know it “was a thing” either, but she may have. We only use her wetness and I tried to spread it over the back of my hand. We got so so close. So real lube would have totally slid my hand into her, without a doubt.
    It did intimidate and scare me, but it turned me on tremendously too. I was nervous, but oh so curious about the limits of her vagina. I’ve since learned from study results that a tiny bit of fear can boost arousal when the two are combined. A couple of years later I fisted a different girlfriend successfully a couple of times. All of my longterm partners since then have had a vagina that was smaller and more difficult to stretch, and they were not into stretching on their own with big dildos to work up to it.

  7. I had a similar experience, but I was the giver. We were young, and I didn’t know fisting was a thing (she probably did), but we tried several times. We were so so close. My heart raced as I was super aroused, nervous, and intimidated bu her big vagina. I’m now more knowledgeable and know that good lube would have gotten us easily past that last thumb knuckle. A couple of years after that I fisted a different girlfriend a few times. She wanted to work up to two hands over time, but we broke up for non-sexual reasons.

  8. I tried it as well for the first time with my boyfriend! It was like a accident !! We were both very highly aroused which lead to it. It just started as fingering and all of sudden it was 1 finger, 2,3 etc. next thing you know I’m like whoa wtf what’s he trying to do but it just led to it. it did hurt just a bit once he went to 3 fingers etc felt pressure.We weren’t able to do the whole fist thing (more like 4 fingers and some of his thumb in, like a birds beak I guess? )it was something new for both of us and I’m not going to lie but I had amazing orgasum as well. I couldn’t stop twitching and it was just good. We have a pretty serious relationship so of course I wouldn’t try this with someone I don’t trust!! We have been tog there for 3 years and he has never mentioned of trying anything like this before!!! He was very gentle & slow doing this and payed closed attention to how I was feeling. The best part was him talking Dirty to me as he was working his way in Telling me to take it in etc it was a hot new experience. It’s amazing foreplay just as long as you don’t over do it or hurt one another !

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