I need cash and I need it fast.

I see the skeleton of a Ferris Wheel looming in the distance, so I get an idea. A dingy little camper serves as the carnival employment office. A lady with the word LOVE tattooed across her knuckles in jerky blue ink hands me an index card. She tells me to write down my name, it doesn’t have to be my real one, and a phone number. “Check back Thursday,” she hacks through a cloud of cigarette smoke.

On Thursday, I’m assigned to work for Big Gary. “You’ll know ’em when you see ’em, honey,” wheezes the employment lady, pointing down the midway. I find Big Gary, an enormous black-haired man wearing a bright white polo shirt. He hands me an ID tag and my own white polo shirt emblazoned with the carnival’s logo. Big Gary shows me how to run the game. The premise is simple, take the fishing pole with a ring instead of a hook dangling from the end, snag the bottle that’s laying on it’s side and tip it up, win a cheap stuffed animal.

He waddles around the perimeter of the game, tipping each one up in quick succession. He hands me the pole, but I can’t do it. He laughs, explains how the game is rigged, then tells me to be back at 10 am the next day for opening. He’ll pay me in cash at the end of the two week run of the show. Continue reading

“Ow,” Theo says over his shoulder. “I don’t think I like this.”

I ease the speculum out of his ass. “Well,” he says, flipping over on his back, “that was disappointing.” I sigh. We’ve been really looking forward to playing with our newest toy. Theo is an ass whore. He’s let me fist him, lick him, even stick my foot in there, but not without lots of preparation. I was hoping the speculum would let us skip over a few steps. “Did it hurt?” I ask. “Just a little,” he says. “You’re hands aren’t very steady, it was too pinchy.”

I look at the device as I wash it off, cranking it open to it’s full width. I love ass play, although it takes me forever to even work in a little butt plug. I’m intrigued, even through it looks more than a little intimidating.  “Would you like to try it on me?” I ask Theo shyly. “Really?” he smiles, “Okay!”

As I get on my knees, he hands me the vibrator. “A little something to take your mind off things,” he says. I click the vibe on and press it to my clit. “Stay very still,” he instructs. I smell the warm plasticky scent of  the lube as he scoops it out of the little tub. He rubs a cold glob over my asshole, which makes me jump a little.  Continue reading