“I miss you,” Damon whispers into the phone.

I’m broken. He left me the day we got our marriage license. For the past three months, I’ve done nearly nothing other than sit in a rocking chair and stare at the phone, waiting. Waiting for this.

He went back to his ex-girlfriend, now they’ve split up. He wants sympathy from me, and I give it to him. Damon tells me all the ways Julie was such a fucking cunt, how he was wrong to leave me. How she left him for someone else, stupid bitch. I tell him I forgive him for everything. For the split lip, for leaving me, all of it. I love him, I tell him over and over, hoping to erase his pain.

“Come home,” he says finally. So I do. Continue reading

Review of the Tor II from Lelo

For today’s post, a representative from Lelo asked me to review their new product, the Tor II. Lelo provided the product for review. 

The box arrives, sleek, black and modern, as if it were designed by Apple. We open it to reveal a cock ring and a small charger.

The Tor II is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. My partner looks skeptical. The finish is pleasing, luxuriously silky to the touch.

“I don’t think I’m going to fit in that,” he says, holding it up.

“It’s really stretchy,” I say hopefully. I plug it in to charge and press one of the buttons on the side.  It makes a low whrrrrrrrr sound.

“Oh.” I’m disappointed. I can barely feel it vibrate.Then I press the button on the side again. And again. I click it a few times, as high as it will go. It nearly vibrates off my hand.

“OH!” I say, shoving it down the front of my panties, “This is nice!” Continue reading