“Get your hand off my thigh,” I say to Tim.

“I’m looking for a better parking spot.” I’m in no mood. I hate going to the mall, but I need to buy one last-minute gift.

“You passed one three rows ago,” he says, sounding annoyed. Tim hasn’t moved his hand, in fact, he’s snaking it dangerously close to my pussy.

I stop the car mid-row. A woman in a green SUV behind me honks and flashes her headlights. I ignore her.

“Here?” I turn to ask him. “Now? Really?” The woman honks again.

Tim doesn’t say anything, instead he starts to unzip my pants.

“Jesus. Fine. Let me park,” I say, batting his hand away. The SUV maneuvers around me, just barely scraping each of our vehicles. I circle towards the outer edge of the mall parking lot, but just then a spot opens up. I pull in. Continue reading

The emptiness swells.

It fills the room, threatens to break windows and smash furniture. I’ve masturbated the entire day, it’s not enough.

I make phone calls.

“Fuck me,” I plead.

“Can’t,” a voice whispers back, “The girlfriend is here.”

“Can’t,” another voice answers, “Have to go to work.”

The world feels like a blank space between my hands, like I should be holding something in them, but there’s nothing to grasp. I reach for something that isn’t there. My mind races along, thoughts shoot out in a hundred directions, all of them leading nowhere. Continue reading