“I’m not done with you yet.”

Theo doesn’t dom much, but when he does, it’s with all the cool precision of a mad scientist. My ass is already covered in black and blue patches, red welts circle my breasts from all the little clamps. A silver chain dog leash is clipped to the black collar around my neck.

Theo goes out to the kitchen and returns with a big green apple. “Open,” he commands, tapping my chin. I obediently open wide.  He tells me to bite down on it and to hold there in my mouth. He takes out a new box of acupuncture needles and sets it on the bed.  I watch him open eight little packets, each containing one thin silver needle, lining them along the edge of the nightstand.  Theo binds my hands together then hands me a squeaky cat toy we’ve dubbed “The Safety Hedgehog,” instructing me to squeeze it if I’m in distress.

Theo takes the apple from my mouth, kisses me, then replaces it without a word. “Ready?” he asks, one eyebrow cocked. I nod. My palms are damp.  He  presses a corner of my lip tightly against the apple and my whole body tenses. I feel the sharp tip press my skin and I jump. The Safety Hedgehog squeaks in protest and Theo quickly takes the apple out of my mouth. “Are you okay?” he asks. I laugh, it was totally a reflex move.  I bite down on the apple again and nod at him to go ahead.

I feel a little pop as the first needle breaks the skin, it glides through my bottom lip and I feel it anchor to the apple. Theo asks if that was okay, I nod.  A trickle of cold sweat trails down my back as he sticks the next two through I bite harder on the apple as the fourth and final needle fixes the apple completely to my bottom lip. The needles don’t hurt, but they feel warm and slightly itchy.

Theo is hard, the tip of his cock nudges my arm as he leans over me. My eyes are closed, I feel weak. “Time for the top,” he says. My eyes fly open as he pushes the needle through. It hits a nerve, sending electric white bolts of pain straight up my nose. I try to say “stop” through the apple, but it just sounds like an animal cry. My eyes fill with tears. “Does that one hurt?” Theo asks. I nod vigorously. He pulls it out and the sharp throbbing stops instantly. “Squeeze the toy once if you want to keep going, twice if you want to stop now,” he instructs. I squeeze and the toy gives one bleat.

“Good girl,” he kisses my forehead. “Let’s try again.”  He pokes at my lip and the needle glides through into the apple. I relax and close my eyes again. Each prick sends a rush directly to my pussy, I float higher and higher. Theo lets go of the apple letting the  full weight hang in my mouth. I rest my head back on the pillow and drift. I hear the scratchy flick of the lighter as Theo lights a cigarette. I try to swallow, the apple pulls hard against my mouth. Theo yanks the chain taut between my legs and rubs it hard against my clit. I’m too exhausted to respond with more than a moan.

“I thought I would want to fuck you some more,” he says exhaling a plume of white smoke,”but now I think I just want to look at you.”  I hear the chirp of the video camera powering up. “Open your eyes,” he says as he pans the camera upward towards my face. “I love the contrast of the green apple against your lips,” Theo says, zooming in. My eyelids weigh a million pounds, drool runs out one corner of my mouth. Every ounce of my energy is focused on the thin needles holding the apple to my lips.

He strokes my cheek, then shuts the camera off. “I think you need something else,” he says as unwraps some more needles. I feel tiny pinpricks scattering across my cheeks. A fresh rush of endorphins carries me off anew. “Kitty whiskers, for my bad little kitty.” Theo pinches my nipple and the camera whirrs to life again.

Daisy’s note: This post was featured on Fleshbot.com!

2 thoughts on ““I’m not done with you yet.”

  1. Sweet fuck, that’s hot.

    And, with a touch more eloquence;

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward to being able to purchase a hardback collection of your works.

  2. I can only shake my head in wonder. That’s far, far, FAR kinkier than anything I’ve ever done. And I’ve have to grasp outside the bedroom for an experience as intense.

    I can only read your blog at a pace of one post every couple of days. More often than that and it would lose thrilling shock, its delicious pungency.

    Looking forward to reading more from you… a little at a time.

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