“Ow,” Theo says over his shoulder. “I don’t think I like this.”

I ease the speculum out of his ass. “Well,” he says, flipping over on his back, “that was disappointing.” I sigh. We’ve been really looking forward to playing with our newest toy. Theo is an ass whore. He’s let me fist him, lick him, even stick my foot in there, but not without lots of preparation. I was hoping the speculum would let us skip over a few steps. “Did it hurt?” I ask. “Just a little,” he says. “You’re hands aren’t very steady, it was too pinchy.”

I look at the device as I wash it off, cranking it open to it’s full width. I love ass play, although it takes me forever to even work in a little butt plug. I’m intrigued, even through it looks more than a little intimidating.  “Would you like to try it on me?” I ask Theo shyly. “Really?” he smiles, “Okay!”

As I get on my knees, he hands me the vibrator. “A little something to take your mind off things,” he says. I click the vibe on and press it to my clit. “Stay very still,” he instructs. I smell the warm plasticky scent of  the lube as he scoops it out of the little tub. He rubs a cold glob over my asshole, which makes me jump a little. 

“You sure you want to try this?” he asks. I nod. I feel the tip of the speculum nudging my ass. Although it’s still warm from being washed off, I shiver a little as he easily slides it all the way in. “Want me to open it up a bit?”  Theo asks. “Gimme a minute.” I breathe in and out slowly, cranking the vibrator up another notch.

“Okay, let’s do this,” I say. I feel Theo shift around on the bed behind me, then I feel the petals of the speculum press inside me. I feel a slight pressure, but it doesn’t hurt. “A little more,” I say. He cranks it another millimeter, then I ask him to stop. “This is so hot,” Theo leans forward and kisses the small of my back. I shut my eyes and rub the vibrator along my pussy. “More,” I say.

This time I really feel it, an intense pressure that spreads far up my ass. “Keep going,” I breathe. I hear the little ratcheting noise as he widens the speculum. “Wow,” he breathes, “this is so cool, I can see inside you.” I feel his fingertip searching the gaping hole. “Too much, too much,” I moan. I press the vibrator hard against my clit. I want to rub myself back and forth over it, but I’m afraid to move.

“Halfway there, ” he says. Shit. Only halfway? The pressure is enormous, and I’m getting wetter and wetter. Theo keeps opening me by tiny increments. I take the vibrator as high as it will go. “Oh God,” Theo says, “this is so fucking hot.” My ass feels huge and open, my knees feel weak and warm. “Tell me to take it for you,” I plead.

“You’re fucking right you’re going to take it,” he commands. “Take it all the rest of the way.” I cry out as he cranks me wider and wider. He slides one well lubed finger in and out of my hole. “No, no, no finger,” I pant. The vibrator jiggles against my clit, I’m soaking wet. The thought of the device wedging my ass open makes me feel both excited and frantic. I can’t move, I’m terrified I’ll hurt myself on the steel implement. I writhe as much as I dare. I feel it’s hard petals splaying me achingly wide open.

“Just a sec,” he says. I feel him carefully set the handles of the speculum on the bed. He slowly guides my ass down slowly to the correct angle to keep it propped up. The weight is perfect, just heavy enough to border on cruel. I’m frenetically humping against the vibrator now, my asshole is aching from the weight, aching from being stretched so hard and wide. I hear the thick wet sound of Theo stroking his cock.

“Come for me,” Theo demands, “come for me now.” I feel split in two, every sensation concentrated on my ass and my clit. I feel myself squirt, but I can’t tell if I’m squirting or peeing. I don’t care which. I keep picturing my ass, forced wide open, and now the tension is delicious and electric. I climax, gushing a torrent of liquid from my cunt. I feel the hot spurts of Theo’s come spray across my ass. He pulls the speculum out in one smooth painless motion; I completely collapse on top of the soaking wet sheets.

3 thoughts on ““Ow,” Theo says over his shoulder. “I don’t think I like this.”

  1. Always nice to see guys into ass play, receiving as well as giving. What a hot story, makes me think the wife and I need to add a speculum to our play

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