I can’t move my upper arms.

Nick has bound them tightly to my sides with a long sheet of plastic wrap. My breasts are squashed flat against my chest. I try to inhale deeply, the plastic tightens and prevents me from moving. He winds the plastic around and around, then tears it along the edge of the box.

Nick is taking an unusual delight in restraining me. He doesn’t understand why someone would want to be tied up, but he does it anyway, for me. His eyes are distant, I can see him thinking of possibilities. He tells me to get on my knees. Nick wraps the plastic around my wrists, fastening them to my thighs. I’m left unable to move my arms or hands, save for my fingertips. 

He reaches for my sleep mask, glossy bright pink on one side, black on the other. Turning the pink side inward, he places it over my eyes. I hear another long plastic sheet rip from the roll, then he begins to wind it around my head. First, Nick wraps the plastic around my eyes, securing the mask to my face. All the light around the edges of the mask disappears. Sound muffles as the plastic covers my ears. I feel as if I’m in a very small room. He doesn’t ask if he can or should cover my nose, he just does.

We’ve talked about this on and off for months. First as a joke, then more seriously, until I came back from the grocery store this morning. I tossed the long yellow box on the counter, leaving it out for him to find.

I try to breathe only through my nose to test the boundaries of the wrap. It inflates and deflates, I’m inside of a balloon. I can’t see, I can barely hear, and I can’t really breathe. I feel alone and helpless; it’s lovely.

The bed shifts, his cock is at my lips. Nick pushes forward, filling my mouth and throat. I can barely deep throat him on my best days, even after I’ve been warming up, teasing him for awhile.There’s no warm-up this time.  As he fucks my face, I understand that I’ve become an object, a hole. Nick thrusts his dick into my mouth again, but this time he holds it there. His hand rests on the back of my head so I can’t pull away. I kneel there and fight the instinct to struggle.

The plastic crinkles as I try to breathe through my nose. There’s a tiny wrinkle in the wrap that allows only the smallest amount of air. His hand is still firm against the back of my head, his cock wedged in my throat. Time has stopped. How long have I been here? Seconds? Minutes? The plastic crinkles faster as I struggle to breathe now, instinct has taken over obedience. I don’t want to breathe, I want to not do it for him, but I can’t. I tap his leg lightly with my fingertips, he slides away. As punishment, Nick slaps my face hard, leaving each cheek stinging.

Nick grabs my hair, jerks my head back, fucks my mouth. I try to keep up with his thrusts, running my tongue along his length. Long strands of spit fall out of my mouth, running down my chin, landing on my thighs. Again, he pushes and holds and I fight against all my instincts not to panic. I gag, I struggle. My cunt throbs. The plastic enveloping me feels hot and tight. I push against it, but it doesn’t yield.

Finally, Nick’s done using my mouth. He pushes me backward, I can’t catch myself. I fall back onto the pillows. My legs are forced wide apart, still bound to my arms. Nick leaps on me, fucking me at almost the same moment I hit the bed. I’m utterly helpless.

Suddenly, he covers my mouth with a piece of the plastic, pinching my nose shut. I can’t see, can’t hear, can’t breathe. Nick rams my cunt so hard my stomach starts to cramp. I can’t arch, can’t scream, all I can be is a wet cunt for him to fuck. His hand is heavy on my face. I’m so close to coming, but I love it here, under his absolute power. I’m underwater, everything is distorted. The plastic rips away from my mouth, I take deep gasping breaths. He plunges me under again, fucking me faster.

Nick pulls out, he’s come already, too quickly. Frustrated, he slaps my thighs, my pussy. I squirt, droplets splatter against my legs. My cunt is still wet, hungry. Nick forces his fingers into me, gropes for my breasts through the plastic. My mouth is full of his hand, salty, tangy, thick. He fucks my mouth with his hand, cramming in fingers, dipping them back in my pussy to wet them. He moves from the bed, returns, I hear a low distorted humming. Something cold and plastic enters my cunt and vibrates.

Nick’s hand covers my mouth again, holding my head down. He fucks me with this instrument, every stroke filling me, hurting me. I struggle, drowning. His hand lifts away, I shake my head “no,” and he covers my mouth again. I want to go the limit, I want to come from here, from this underwater place, where I’m under his command. I want to be his thing, his possession.

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